After the Move: 6 Tips to make your house feel like home  

Home is more than just walls and a roof. It is a feeling of belongingness, a warmth that seeps into our exhausted nerves, and a collection of precious bitter-sweet memories. Saying farewell to a place that has been your sweet haven for so long and moving into an entirely new space is physically tiring and emotionally overwhelming. While your hands are full of moving things around the house, you struggle with the feeling of leaving your previous setup. You will need some time before every nook and corner of your new house becomes familiar and feels like home. Until then, it is quite possible that you even suffer from homesickness! To avoid that, follow these tips and have a homely feel in your new house immediately.

1. Avoid Cluttering Your House:

A cluttered space gives a repulsive vibe. The real challenge begins once the movers have hoarded everything in your new house, and you have to see everything where it belongs. Considering you might have spent several years in your previous home, you will probably have a considerable collection of things that you don’t need anymore. They will overload your house, especially if it is smaller than the previous one. You would already have much on your plate without adding the stress of organizing unneeded things.

To save your time, resist the urge to fit in every last good in your new house or dump them in an attic. It would only cause them to rot, especially if you live in a hot and humid city like Lewes. You can either sell the extra things or rent out a self-storage by searching for Lewes de storage units until you decide what to do with them. This step is essential as a different architecture would have special requirements.

2. Get Some Homemade Food:

To get a homely feel, get some homemade food! The familiar taste and aroma amidst everything new will rush back the feeling of being at home. However, with everything messed up, you might have to open up every carton to find the ingredients for even a simple cup of tea.

So, while you would have plenty on your mind, consider setting up your kitchen first, and everything else can wait. It’s okay if you cannot arrange everything meticulously on such short notice! The goal is to put the necessary ingredients and crockery in their places so that you can come up with a quick meal or grab some coffee at the end of the day. You can always deal with the minute details of every cabinet and drawer later.

3. Hang the Family Frames:

It will take some time before the walls of your new house have tales of your precious memories to tell. Until then, to have a homely vibe, hang some family pictures. The new walls adorned with the faces you love, perfectly poised, embodying joy, and smiling at the camera, would stir feelings of belongingness and love for your house. So select a spot, grab a hammer, and hang some pictures!

4. Arrange Your Closet:

Something is satisfying about an arranged closet. With everything on a perfect display, you can quickly grab what you feel like wearing. You surely wouldn’t want to shuffle through every box to find your favorite shirt. If you have selected a room for yourself, unpack your clothes and arrange them the way you like. Whether arranged according to the colors, style, or occasion, a well-organized closet will bring back a familiar feeling of being at home where everything is convenient and within reach.

5. Setup a Comfy Bedding:

After an exhausting day of making your new house feel like home, you would surely want to crash on a comfortable bed. While you can delay setting up a bed with some temporary sleeping arrangements since it is a heavy task, what good home would be without one?

Adjusting your sleep according to the new place can sometimes take time. You might even toss around the bed for a night or two before you get accustomed to sleeping in your new room. An uncomfortable sleeping arrangement would only add to your restlessness and homesickness. So make it your priority to have a bed at the end of the day where you can have a good night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning, just like you should be in a home.

6. Invite Over the Guests:

Once you have arranged your house, the only thing lacking would be the memories, so start making them! Invite over friends and relatives for lunch or dinner. The laughter, fun, and happiness filling up the corridors of your new house would return the cozy feeling of being in your home. And do not worry about prepping everything on your own. You can always order some food to shed some burden. The actual purpose is to associate your new home with some fond memories.


It is a wholesome feeling to watch the empty, dull space of your new house filling up with the essence of your lifestyle. While you would still struggle to adjust, time makes everything go right. Let some time pass in your new home, and everything will automatically start falling into place. It wouldn’t be long before your new home starts radiating the old homely vibes you were so fond of, and life would get back to its comfortable pattern. So, instead of dreading it, look forward to the excitement of a change!

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