All you need to know about the safety and style of glass inserts for front doors

Not all exterior doors need decorative glass inserts or sidelights. In fact, several stylish entry doors don’t use any glass at all. However, if you as a homeowner believe that glass adds class, then you will be delighted to see the amount of style options available for door glass inserts for front doors:

Performance or style:

Including glass in your front door involves a lot of things right from safety, privacy, energy efficacy to design, aesthetics and glass insert shape, size and texture. The best combination of all of them yields a perfect glass insert configuration for your door which is safe, beautiful and practical.

Different style of glass inserts for front doors

Sure, selecting your door style and hardware is sheer enjoyment. But, if you want to display your creativity, then you should choose the best glass insert and it will work as a crowning décor touch.

Clear glass: It allows the highest amount of natural light to enter your house but has a privacy star of 1. 

Decorative glass: They have gained a lot of popularity amongst homeowners because they add to your house’s curb appeal and its overall value. Decorative glasses are of different types like stained glass, textured glass, and bevelled glass. They have three different layers: two safety glasses and one decorative panel.

  • Texture glass: They have a distinct pattern impressed on the insert’s surface. They are available in different finishes and designs including single or double dazed, lamination and tempered glass.
  • Stained glass: They are vibrantly coloured glasses which are used as decorative for your front doors. They have been popular in the past and were seen majorly on the church and cathedral doors. 

Apart from these, there are several other decorative glass options of different types available at Window Mart for your entry doors. All you need to do is pick the right door glass inserts which go with the look of your door and house and get it installed. 

Some tips to keep in mind for the safety of glass inserts:

Cleaning: Make use of a soft cloth with a mild detergent along with lukewarm water to clean the glass inserts. Do not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning. If the glass insert is textured, then make sure you clean finely between the designs. 

Add on blinds: If you add blinds to your door, then you will never need dusting. It also lowers exposure to allergens. In case, you have a clear glass, the blinds enhance your privacy.

Time to time inspection: Make sure you check the glass insert from time to time to look out for the adhesive and any cracks or damages done to the glass. The periodic inspection prevents long-term and expensive damage.

These are some of the maintenance tips you should keep in mind for your door glass inserts. If you are looking for exclusive and stylish glass inserts, you should check out the collection at Window Mart.

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