An Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorations for 2021

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time to gear up to decorate one’s house and the Christmas tree. For the new season, there are several Christmas tree decorating ideas you may consider putting out that will bring the holiday spirit to your house.

Here is a brief guide to all the charming Christmas decoration items that you need to know about for this year’s Christmas decoration:


For decades, tinsel has been seen as the go-to decoration for anyone looking to brighten up Christmas.

There are now, however, several new and exciting alternatives to tinsel, such as those little lights strung around your tree like a garland.

String Lights (Not the Traditional Bulbs)  

The Christmas decoration market revenue was $5130 million in 2019 and will reach $5922 million in 2025, with a CAGR of 2.42 percent during 2020-2025.

A string of lights is one of the classic Christmas tree decorating ideas. This year, you can try out a string of lights instead of the traditional bulbs. Moreover, Festive Finds can also be a great help to find different decor ideas and holiday guides.

You can explore a range of different string lights that are now available in the market, like the icicle lights, which look absolutely stunning. They create a wintery feel, which is precisely what one would want for their home during the holidays. They can give your house a classier look.

You can string them around the border of your home or even loop them around small plants to accentuate your landscaping during this holiday season.


Christmas garlands are another decoration that you could hang around your home for this Christmas. You can loop it around your door or even use it as a tree topper. Garland is perfect for giving your home that old-school feel during the holidays with its evergreen storybook charm.


You could always go classic and put out wreaths on every entryway in your home. But make sure to be creative with your wreath this year!

Many new designs are coming out, from self-watering wreaths to a wreath made out of candy canes.

Reindeer Antlers

For some reason putting antlers on anything seems festive during the holiday season. Reindeer antlers are one of the most popular items this year for people to put on their trees. Also, deer antlers would make a lovely tree topper.

However, if your family is religious, you can even consider putting up your favorite holy verses in the living room or on doors. 


Poinsettias are another big trend this year. You can place these on your coffee table or sideboard to give the room that festive feeling everyone looks for during the holidays.

Succulent Wreaths

Succulents are the new moss. If you’re searching for a unique twist on the wreath, succulents are definitely a good option for you to use for decoration. 

They are easy to maintain and do not require constant sunlight, which makes them a good option to use for decoration inside the house. Succulent plants give a very earthy feel and can add significantly to the beautiful setup of your living space. 

White Christmas Tree

Going with a white Christmas tree is another big trend this year. If you want to give your home an even more festive feeling, decorating your Christmas tree in all white would be perfect for this holiday season.

It will also allow anyone who comes over to see how beautiful and elegant your tree is and how amazing it looks when you turn all the lights out.

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