Are One Page Websites a Good Idea? (The Answer Is Absolutely)

There are more than a billion websites online. That gives users the power of choice when it comes to reading content. It’s apparent that they prefer to consume content on sites with well-designed sites.

About two-thirds of website users will stay longer to consume content on a well-designed site than a plain site.

You do have options to present your content in an appealing way to your users. Many web designers opted for the simplicity of one page websites over multi-page websites.

Is a one page website the right option for you? Read on to learn why you should consider using a one page design and when you should use it.

Higher Conversion Rates

One page websites are also called parallax websites. These sites tend to have a better conversion rate because all of the information is laid out in a clear, concise form.

One page sites also lead to one particular action. The best one page websites tend to be landing pages. These are sites that take the reader on a journey, where they ultimately make a purchase.

Easy to Navigate

More than half of all internet users are on mobile devices. People are shopping, accessing information, and researching companies on their phones.

These users don’t want to have to click through from one page to the next, especially if they have large hands and small devices. They’ll get frustrated because they can’t access the page they’re looking for and leave your site.

A one page website design allows users to scroll the site instead of clicking from one page to the next. That gives users on mobile devices a better experience.

Are One Page Websites Good for SEO?

There is a big debate around the web development community when it comes to one page websites. Namely, it’s not clear if they’re good for SEO or not.

What is clear is that you have limited opportunities to rank for multiple keywords across your niche. That doesn’t mean that you should shy away from one page websites.

You should pick the one keyword that you want to rank for and use that throughout the one page site. You can find the perfect keyword through this service from Optuno, which is designed to help you rank for local searches.

When to Use One Page Websites

When should you turn to one page websites? The best solution is when you have a clear, narrow focus. One page websites work when you have one action for users to take, such as scheduling an introductory consultation.

Multi-page websites are best for sites where you want a user to visit your blog, buy products, and then sign up to your list.

The rules of good design still apply to both types of sites. Keep them clean, simple, and fast across all devices.

Now that you learned the basics of one page websites, head over to the Tech section to see what else you can do with your site.

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