Are Packshots Worth It?

The marketing arena is changing. Unlike in the past decades, people are now making informed purchase decisions. They want to know what is in your products and how it will benefit them. Also, they like one-on-one interaction with the products. No customer is buying products due to theoretical explanations and sentiments. 

For this reason, promoting your products to the customers requires you to invest in visualization. You need to have appealing images that touch potential customers’ hearts. One of the new visualization aspects is packshots. 

Packshot is an approach where you combine two or more elements or features of your products and relay them in static or motion images. The approach is becoming popular in marketing and ad campaigns. Maybe you have come across this aspect, and you want to try it. But you are wondering, are packshots worthy? Read on to learn more.

Benefits of using packshots 

As a special part of 3D visualization, packshots can have a wide range of benefits. Here are some of them:

Boost emotional connection between a customer and the product

Marketing is all about emotions. For customers to buy your products, they must develop some feelings towards them. The customers need to feel that what you are offering will help comprise a given purpose or solve their problem. This is where packshots become essential.

When you approach 3D modeling companies to make packshots, you move one step to closing a sale. The packshot display a product and its features. This aspect makes it easy for the customers to have a connection with them. With this connection, they feel that the product is a solution t their issues. Hence, they move on to purchase them.

Resolves the sales return issue in your business

Indeed, sales return is one of the worst experiences any business person can ever have. You were happy to close sales only for the customers to return the products and cancel the order. The main reason for this is a mismatch between the customer expectation and the item delivered to them. 

With packshots, you can resolve this problem. This approach enables you to relay crucial information to the customer through 3D visualization and modeling. So, the customers will see the exact product they will get at their doorstep. The outcome of this step is a lower rate of returns. You will experience a boom in your completed sales.   

Uplift virtual customer engagement 

Online shopping is no longer a myth. People are now shopping online more than they do in in-stores. Particularly in the Covid-19 era, customers are avoiding their loved in-stores and turning to virtual shopping. The new norm is challenging many businesses as they try to create a strong connection between their products and customers.

As you know, customers want to interact with products. This does not matter whether they are buying it online or offline. In this regard, every entrepreneur must offer this avenue. The packshot comes in as your savior. The approach brings the realism aspect to the virtual space. Hence, the customers engage with the products as if they are in a physical store.

With this information, you can now determine whether the packshots are worthy or not.   

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