Ayurvedic treatment for cervical spine–effective, result-oriented and economical

Cervical spine disorders is the wear and tear of your spinal bones which result in reduced flexibility, disrupted neck movement and shrinkage. The cervical spine is your neck area which consists of seven vertebrae from C1 to C7. These vertebrae are connected via joint called the facet joint and is responsible for all types of neck movements. The cervical spine is bounded by small nerves, disks, ligaments and tendons.

It is very important to take right care of your cervical spine or else a little injury or shudder can be harmful. The spine has many function to perform and these are given below:-

  • The main function of the spine is to safeguard your spinal cord. It consists of your skull, followed by the cervical vertebrae, thoracic and the lower vertebrae. All these when put together form your spinal cord and protect your neck from any kind of damage or injuries.
  • The vertebral arteries are meant to carry blood to your brain and therefore the small holes allow a proper passage for the same. From C1 to C6, every vertebrae has holes for blood flow.
  • It provides proper support to your neck and head so that you can move it freely without any jerk.

Cervical spine injuries

As we all know that cervical spine is very delicate yet important part of your body. A little injury can result in huge damage thereby controlling your neck movements. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to take good care of your spine. In case you experience any pain or abnormality, you should straight away get in touch with the experts and seek their guidance.

As the tissues around your neck are quite soft they can easily get damaged or disturbed. Tingling, stiffness, weakness or numbness can be some of the symptoms of spinal disorders. Degeneration of the disk is yet another issue faced by the patient with spinal disorders. So there can be a number of health issues which can arise if your spinal cord is not healthy.

Diagnosis for the cervical spine injuries

Physical examination, tests and scans are some of the common ways to detect spine injurie. The most widely used is the CT scan along with MRI. Both these tests provide a clear view of your spine and give the exact details to your doctor. Then you have other scans too like myelogram, electromyogram etc which too can be used as suggested by the expert.

Treatment for cervical spine disorders

Initially most of the patients begin with medications and try a few home remedies like ice packs, going for therapies, using neck collar, taking proper rest etc. In many cases this simple treatment works and one tends to get better with time.

But in a few cases the disorder requires a proper planned treatment to get rid of the pain, muscle stiffness and reduced flexibility. That is when the ayurvedic treatment for cervical spine comes into play. It is one of the best ways to completely cure your disorder and that is why more people are now inclined towards it.

Ayurvedic treatment for cervical spine

As we all know that Ayurveda is all about your doshas. If the doshas in your body are not in harmony it is difficult to cure any health problem. Same is the case with cervical problems. The vata is responsible for all kinds of health issues and therefore it is crucial to keep it in proper way. Some of the ways to keep your vata right are:-

  • Panchakarma – This is the best healing method that put an end to all your pains. The panchakarma is performed using herbal oils that have the power to reduce the pain and offer more flexibility to your neck muscles. With regular massages the stiffness comes to an end and even pain goes away.
  • Therapies for stress relief –Apart from the panchakarma you have the Ayurveda therapies too which bring down your stress thereby maintaining the balance of your body. It provides the rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul on the whole. That is why these therapies really work and the outcome is also excellent.
  • Physical activities – In order to bring back the disks in position, it is necessary to involve in some form of exercises or yoga. Your Ayurveda experts can suggest the right set of physical activities which will tailor to your needs. Exercise will not only bring down the pain but open your ligaments too that allows proper head and neck movements.
  • Change your life style – Ayurveda focuses on bringing a positive change in your lifestyle. With the right changes in diet one can already see a lot of changes in their body. Once your mind and soul get aligned the treatment shows its result. So bringing about a little change in the way we live can also put an end to all kinds of health problems.

Why choose ayurvedic treatment for cervical spine?

There are several alternate treatments availble for cervical spine but Ayurveda is just the best. It cleans your body from within thereby focussing on the root cause of the health problem and make sure the doshas are in great position.

  • With Ayurveda you get relief from all kinds of spasms
  • Repairs your damaged disks and vertebrae
  • Provides strength to your spinal cord in order to prevent any injuries in future
  • Offers rejuvenating effect which gives a lot of relief to the patients
  • Brings down the pain and allows free movement too

Therefore there is no denial to the fact that Ayurveda comes with a lot of advantages to the patients. This is the reason its popularity is going up day by day. More people are now relying on Ayurveda for all sorts of treatments with kinds of benefits it shows.

So if you too are fighting with any kind of cervical spine disorder, its high time you approach a good Ayurveda expert or institute and receive proper treatment. You will definitely be amazed with the progress you make and how comfortable the treatment is. With Ayurveda you can enjoy fruitful, long lasting and pocket friendly outcomes

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