Benefits of Solar Street Lighting in California

Solar street lighting is gaining popularity in recent years and we can see why. It comes with lots of benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. It is a fact to say that anything that has pros must accompany cons.

Some of the benefits of solar street lighting in California are discussed in this article. Keep reading to know them.

1. Environmentally Friendliness

Solar street lighting is environmentally friendly in a number of ways. First, it reduces air pollution. Fuels produced by fossils produce pollutants that affect the environment in a disastrous way. In places where the topography is mainly made of valleys and mountains for instance in California, from there you can witness how polluted air feels.

Contaminated air is not good for our environment, it even makes breathing difficult. This air is, therefore, a danger to our health. Solar street lighting is hence good for the environment as it does not at any point rely on the burning of fossil fuels to generate power. This type of energy only depends on the power from the sun, therefore, eliminating the danger of air pollution.

Those types of energy are not produced by the burning of fossil fuels, many of them use water to generate electricity. Nuclear energy and hydropower solely use water to generate power. Usually, a dam is constructed whose water will be used to generate electricity and control the flow of water to ensure it is sufficient for this process at all times.

Dam construction often affects the ecosystem of an area it is built. Cosmic street lighting does not depend on nor use water to generate power. For this reason, it will not require damming which has a negative impact on the area’s ecosystem.

Utilizing solar energy to power street lights will in a significant way reduce the negative impacts dam construction poses to the environment. The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy advocates for the widespread use of solar energy. Embracing this kind of renewable energy will save on water used to generate electricity and it will reduce water utilization in approximately 36 states. This water can otherwise be used to solve the issue of water scarcity in the areas affected.

Some sources of energy release carbon compounds in the air which contributes to climate change. A higher concentration of these compounds makes it hard for the environment to execute the self-cleaning mechanism to tidy up the air. The air imbalance caused by a high amount of carbon compounds will make the climate change. Some climates will cool while others will be warm. Let’s start will how the ozone layer will be broken which in turn can cause the greenhouse effect and we all know that it has a lot of negative impacts on the environment and our human health.

For this reason, environmental experts, climatologists, and scientists have done the research and have come to a conclusion that using renewable energy is the best way to avoid climate change and reduce its adverse effects. Solar energy is among the renewable energies recommended to be used. So, using solar street lighting will not produce these carbon compounds which contribute to climate change. In this way, our environment and our health, in general, are protected. Read more here

2. Reliability

Solar energy is a very reliable kind of power and this translates to the reliability of cosmic street lighting. The fact that this kind of power is not prone to blackouts in any way makes it a kind of energy to be relied on. The street lights powered by solar energy will always be on provided there was sunlight during the day.

And even if there was not, say it rained the whole day, the durable battery will have a charge to power the street lights. Using electricity to power the avenue lights may be unreliable because it is prone to blackouts. The power can go off at a time when it is least expected and maybe some individuals somewhere were utilizing the unending benefits of the avenue lights.

Also, electricity can be affected by weather conditions. Most of the time when it rains, the power goes off and this results in the street lights going off and as a result, the avenue becomes so dark. Additionally, when an electricity grid becomes ineffective, it affects all the streets light in that area.

Solar street lighting is beneficial because if a street light becomes defective, it is only that particular light that will be affected. The rest will keep functioning properly. And due to the advancement in technology, the defect can be corrected by an expert who is anywhere provided lights are well connected.

Additionally, solar energy is a renewable type of energy. This makes it reliable because it can be used every day without it getting depleted. Plus, you do not have to pay any bills to reap the benefits of the energy the sun produces. This means that even when you don’t have the money to pay for electricity bills, the street light powered by solar will always be on. Electricity is a non-renewable source of energy so it requires the bills to be settled for the street’s light to function.

When the electricity bills are not settled, the lights will be off. Community members cannot be aware that the bills have not been settled so they won’t be expecting a blackout. This blackout can occur at the time when they are taking advantage of the avenue lights for example they have an outdoor party. This will generally be very disappointing. With solar street lighting, the community members will never have to experience this challenge as the street lights will always be on the moment darkness steps in. Click here for more insights.

Bottom Line

Although solar street lighting has high initial costs that are required for the installation, in the long run, every penny is worth it. This is because this kind of power is renewable meaning it can be used without getting depleted. Also, it reduces the dependence on other types of non-renewable energy which is expensive as it requires energy bills to be settled.

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