Best 3 Affordable Watch Brands 

It can be overwhelming for a newbie to navigate the horological world. Man brands are reliable and are of good quality. However, the problem is where affordability is concerned – especially for those who want to get an entry-level watch.

Thankfully, we have a guide with the best affordable watch brands. Without ado, let’s get straight into it!


Kintaro Hattori started Seiko in Tokyo. It was initially a watch and jewelry shop, but it has gone a long way since then. It has now become one of the world’s largest, most innovative, and most independent watchmakers and one of the watch brands that oversee every step of the process, from design, manufacturing, and assembly of their pieces.

Today, the brand remains an industry leader, producing watches for everyone – with every price point and functionality noted.

One of the most prominent offerings of Seiko is the Seiko Prospex SPB121, the Alpinist. It was designed for mountaineers, hence its name, and it has become a quick favorite of people who want a reliable and robust friend for their adventures. It has 200m of water resistance and a tough sapphire crystal that can handle anything. It also has a unique bezel that rotates – this can be used as a compass for navigation by using the sun’s position.

Seiko’s umbrella once had King Seiko alongside Grand Seiko. King Seiko had competed with his big brother, Grand Seiko, in the 1960s watch race. Although it failed, its watch offerings are still well-loved and in hot demand by collectors worldwide. You can find Seiko and Grand Seiko Watches online.

Casio Digital Watches

Casio Digital Watches tend to bring up nostalgia and the wonder of childhood. Their quartz watch pioneered digital watches, making it a classic, retro watch vibe and fashion statement.

The brand has roots in post-World War II Japanese reconstruction. However, in the 1970s, Casio took center stage in the consumer goods world. Casio pioneered a new world of electronics – calculators, musical instruments, and watches.

Casio’s digital watches are user-friendly and powered by a digital quartz movement. Casio also offers more traditional analog watches.

However, your best buy from them would be any of their digital offerings if you want something that falls under the retro-cool category.


Never settle for an inexpensive watch from Timex on the corner. Timex has consistently aimed to deliver value through its design and widespread accessibility. Timex is a strong contender for the title of most famous American watchmaker; it should be noted that not many watch companies can make this boast. Founded as the “Waterbury Clock Company” in Connecticut, USA, Timex was established in 1845. Since then, Timex has remained a significant player in American history through two World Wars, numerous technological breakthroughs, and stylistic shifts.

If you eye classic designs with futuristic functionality, you can live the rest of your life out as a Timex collector. It is easily accessible, and designs are safer, but it provides a strong history of horology.

Wrapping Up

We have rounded up some of the hottest watch brands with affordable prices! Seiko, Casio, and Timex have earned their places in the horological community fair and square. Although their price ranges may be affordable, you’ll find yourself a worthy watch from among them!

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