Best convection ovens in Singapore

From iron ovens to brick ovens, convection ovens have come a long way since individuals discovered how to cook with fire and heat. Currently, a convection oven has become an essential cooking appliance that every kitchen should have. In this guide, we have outlined some of the best convection ovens in Singapore available at Kenwood.

Convection ovens were introduced to make it simpler to regulate and adjust the level of temperature when cooking. Apart from a delicious rotisserie, these exclusive kitchen appliances are ideal for making the best cakes and cookies. If you love baking or looking forward to having it as a hobby, then you need to invest in a great convection oven to achieve the best results.

An ideal convection oven should have heat bars at the bottom and top parts in order to bake your cookies or cakes evenly. Also, it must have adjustable racks, which help to make multiple servings at a go, or it can even be adjusted to provide larger space for making bigger goodies.

Best convection ovens in Singapore

Here is a list of the best convection ovens at Kenwood Singapore

1. Bosch Oven HBF114BROK

Achieve great roasting and baking results with this stainless steel convection oven from Bosch. The oven has a 3D Hot air characteristic that evenly distributes heat in three levels in order to guarantee cooking without necessarily having to flip your food. Additionally, it has six more heating modes for cooking various types of meals.

2. Morries Electric Oven (MS-250E0V)

Morries electric oven comes with various accessories that will certainly make cooking and baking much simpler. The accessories include a rotisserie handle and set, tray handle, wire rack, and two bake trays. The rotisserie and convection feature makes this oven a perfect starter multi-function kitchen appliance.

3. Kenwood Mo 740 oven

The Kenwood electric oven is proven the best baking oven in Singapore for individuals with a small kitchen or for amateurs. It has a twenty-five-liter capacity and a sixty-minute cut-off timer (auto) that can be utilized for toast, roast grill, baking purposes, and rotisserie.

4. Xiaomi Solista electric oven

The Xiaomi Solista Oven is ideal for serving goodies to few people or for those living alone. It is relatively easy to store and saves a large space. This mini electric oven utilizes a quartz heating tube for heating meals.

It has a six-grade controllable temperature in a knob system that allows you to select the right temperature for your meal requirements. Also, it has a smart modern design that moves with any chic and contemporary space today.

5. Rommelsbacher Baking Oven (BG 1650)

The Rommelsbacher oven has a forty-liter capacity that is suitable for roasting tins up to forty centimeters and baking tins up to thirty-six centimeters. This large baking oven has a flexible temperature regulation that can be adjusted between 60 to 250 degrees Celsius. Its heating modes range from lower to upper heat without or with circulating air, as well as a sturdy grill mode perfect for your next roast party.

One of the most commonly used kitchen appliances is the oven, and an ideal oven may be the best solution to most kitchen requirements such as baking, grilling, and roasting. And at Kenwood Singapore, we have the best convection ovens available in all types, including electric and toaster.

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