Best Law Firm SEO Companies for PI Lawyers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming a dominant player in the business field and digital market. It is a staple tool for getting a company’s name out in the world, a brand for branding if you will. It is as adaptable as it is successful. And please be assured dear readers, that SEO is very successful.

So what if you’re a company looking to hire the services of those trained in the field; Experts and masters of the craft that is search engine optimization. If you fit that description you are not alone, and take solace in the fact that there are no shortage of companies that are suited to your standards in search engine optimization. But to name all of them, to be frank, would take no shortage of words and no few number of days. So for simplicity and time’s sake, we’ll be going over a few of the best SEO Companies around for PI lawyers.

  1. Chicago SEO Scholar

Chicago SEO Scholar is one of the leading companies in the digital marketing field, SEO being foremost among them. One of the best in the field, they offer a multitude of services to their client, including but not limited to analytics, web design, audits, keyword research, and so much more. So if you want some of the best in the field, Chicago SEO Scholar is a company worth considering.

Chicago SEO Scholar

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 529-8226

  1. Optimize My Firm

Self- titled the ‘Personal’ Law Firm SEO Marketing Company. Optimize My Firm is a great candidate for your search engine optimization needs. From helping with potential leads from prospective clients to creating superb content that’s custom made and tailored to your firm and your clients. Optimize My Firm is a great choice for those seeking personal injury law firms(see more here).

  1. Zahavian Legal Marketing

Zahavian Legal Marketing is a distinguished SEO agency that has superb specialization in personal injury. They achieve impressive results by enhancing the website experience while also offering extensive content. As a result, their performance improved significantly, with no increase in marketing costs. These exceptional outcomes were a direct result of Zahavian Legal Marketing’s expertise and techniques.

  1. ICreativez

This is a company renowned for personal injury lawyers. Using organic approaches to search engine optimization marketing and tailored strategies, they help ensure great ROI for firms of all shapes and sizes. ICreativez is a name that can elevate online presence and help beat the competition.

  1. SEO PRO Marvel

SEO PRO Marvel is a business that knows their stuff in the SEO industry. From tactical keyword strategy to local marketing analysis, these are pros when it comes to handling the markets. In addition, they also offer services to the clients such as live chatting and even free SEO consultation. There aren’t many firms who can do that.

  1. Ranking Chief

Ranking Chief is quite the reputable law firm. They offer expert or personal servicing for SEO optimization that is specially designed for personal injury lawyers. Using implementation of metrics they help to draw in leads and bring in potential clients; which in turn encourages outstanding growth.

  1. The Media Captain

This is yet another firm proficient in PI law. Having closely interacted and working with attorney clients in SEO, they use the best practices and examples to ensure your law firm’s efforts in the industry. Aware of the competition, and refusing to shy away from the challenge, The Media Captain is a great contender for your consideration.

  1. Wetherington Law Firm

This is a firm that has a broad category of topics they specialize in. Not only are they experts in personal injury, but they also cover other subjects in law such as car accidents, crime victims, medical malpractices, class actions, etc. They are not short on success either, as they have won for their clients over 20 million dollars in settlement money. Customer service and financial compensation go hand in hand with this firm.


Whatever the topic, whatever the business, SEO is dominating the industry. You’re going to want to take advantage of this tool for your business, but more importantly, you want to have the right people who can use that tool to its upmost potential. These are just some of the best firms that you can hire, but there are certainly many more. So consider looking if you want to get your name and business out there to the world.

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