Best Neighborhoods To Live In Dallas

Are you planning to move to Dallas and can’t find a place to live? Well, moving to a new city is extraordinarily stressful and can cause great havoc for you. This guide will help you find some best neighborhoods to live in Dallas. Read further to know more about the city and the most renowned places to stay.

Best Neighborhoods To Live In Dallas

Cottonwood Creek South

Cottonwood creek South is located in Richardson, Texas, and has a population of 1,108 individuals residing there. This place provides an urban feel to all its residents and offers amenities such as parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and highly rated schools. Around 98% of the people have their own homes in Cottonwood Creek South Neighborhood. This place is great for working professionals as all the renowned working centers are nearby this place.


Uptown neighborhood Dallas is famous for its electric bars and lively sports bars. This place is safe and desirable at night. The majority of the people prefer this place as it is safe at night. This place is regularly patrolled and well-lit, keeping in mind the safety of people. This neighborhood has great nightlife and offers some best bars, nightlife, coffee shops, and restaurants. The Uptown neighborhood is around 25+ years since it was established and is one of the best places to reside.

Heights Park

This neighborhood, located in Dallas, Texas has a population of 3,185 and is one of the best places to stay in Texas. The people staying here experience a suburban lifestyle and enjoy several diverse amenities such as great parks for families and pets, fantastic nightlife, great cafes and restaurants, and some renowned educational institutions for kids. This place would provide you with a sense of belongingness. The neighborhood is kept clean and has subtle greenery that would give you a sense of freshness. The crime rate in this area is okay. People here have more owned flats than rented ones.

Timber Brook

Timber Brook neighborhood offers mid-sized apartments for families and is fairly priced. This is one of the best places to live in. The population here is 5,843. A lot of families live here and tend of having different views on life. There are a number of highly-rated educational institutions for kids. People love to stay here in Texas as this neighborhood offers a wide range of restaurants, cafes and gyms. The cost of living in this area is not too much, and the culture here is diverse. You won’t regret staying in this neighborhood.

Preston Highlands

This neighborhood in the North of Dallas is bounded by Preston road and some great avenues nearby. This neighborhood has a population of 4,300 individuals and is great for families while providing diverse amenities. The neighborhood has great schools for your children. So, you surely don’t have to worry about their education. Around 58% of the individuals have their properties here, while others live on rent. A number of young professionals and families stay here having diverse political mindsets. This place offers some great restaurants, coffee shops, and gymnasiums for people.

Canyon Creek North

This neighborhood located in Richard, Texas, has a population of around 5,544 individuals. In this neighborhood, a number of people have their own homes apart from living in rent. The neighborhood has a number of coffee shops, parks, and restaurants and would provide a suburban feel to you. Also, if you are living with your family, then Canyon Creek North has some very renowned educational institutions to offer. The cost of living in this area will not pinch your pocket, and you’ll find some real diverse amenities here.

Final Conclusion

This was all about the best neighborhoods to live in Dallas. So, which neighborhood are you opting for? Let us know in the comments section below. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible in case of any queries.

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