Beverly Peele Net Worth

Beverly Peele Net Worth

Born on Merch 18th 1975 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, Beverly Peele is an actress and model. She came to the spotlight back in the 1980s as well as in 1990s. Peele appeared on more than 250 magazine covers, notably fashion magazines, and mostly in Elle and Mademoiselle magazine. Apart from these, Peele also appeared on world’s most famous fashion magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan’s cover. Along with modeling, she appeared on several music videos and cast in handful movies as well. She had a daughter named Cairo.

Beverly Peele Net Worth

Beverly Peele Net Worth

Beverly Peele had a significant net worth growth over the time. According to several reliable sources, it is estimated that Beverly Peele Net Worth would be around 7 Million or even more while most of her fortune came from her modeling and acting career.


Beverly Peele is mostly known for her pursuing a modeling career. She began her modeling career at a very early age. In 1989, Peele appeared Mademoiselle’s cover for the first time when she was just 14 years old. As time passed by, she got the opportunity to pose for world’s most popular fashion magazines including Vogue.

Peele was also cast in several ads and music videos somewhere between 1990 to 1995 as well. Among her music videos, “Nuttin’ but Love,” “Freakin You,” “Too Funky” were big hits. As an actress, Peele was a cast member in several movies that include Sister, Sister and Girlfriends, and Sweet Friggin’ Daisies.

Beverly Peele Rumors

Among the several others Beverly Peele Rumors, her being arrested due to id theft and using an unauthorized bank card went a long way. Apart from that, a rumor was widespread relating to her death when she along with her daughter had a car accident back in 2010.

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Full Name: Beverly Peele

Birth Date: 18th Merch, 1975

Occupation: Actress and Model

Beverly Peele Net Worth: $7 million around

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