Big Chief Wife Divorced News, is Jackie Braasch Big Chief New Girlfriend?

Big Chief Wife Divorce & New Girlfriend News

Born on December 9th, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Justin Shearer, popularly known as AKA Big Chief has become a sensation in the World of Racing with Discovery’s one of the most popular shows “Street Outlaw.” Big Chief was a big fan of the street race since his childhood. He used to ride his bike for watching the street races took place on Old Route 66 when Chief was only 9 years old. In 1922, at the age of 12, Chief moved to Oklahoma.

Now, in recent times, Chief transformed his first car completely into a twin turbo GTO which took several years. As of now, he has become the go-to guy with his twin turbo GTO nicknamed as “The Crow” for street racing, especially in Oklahoma City area. And, if you want to race for a spot in Oklahoma, you must contact this cool dude!

Big Chief Wife Divorce

Big Chief Wife Allicia Shearer

Big Chief fell in love at the very first sight with Allicia at his 18, the age of freedoms! In those days, Chief used to work full-time in a gas station. One day, Allicia was passing by the gas station and all of a sudden Chief noticed her and fell in love. Chief said that he’d have trouble with the girl which he felt at the very first sight. Since then, they dated for several years and decided to step up with the relationship. And, finally, on December 29th, 2006, the couple publicly declared their marriage vows.

Big Chief together with his Wife Allicia Shearer is blessed with two lovely boys nicknamed Covil and Corbin. Big Chief stated that his mother is the ultimate source of inspiration whereas Allicia is his icon. With his hard-working mindset and determination, he is fortunate enough to provide the family with a luxurious life.

Big Chief Divorced with wife Allicia Shearer?

Allicia Shearer

This rumor “Big Chief Divorced with his wife Allicia Shearer” went viral and Justin’s fans were going crazy about the fake news. So far, we came to know is- Big Chief is an out and out family guy, and he truly cares for the family. It’s true that Chief was seen getting close with Jackie Braasch in the previous season of Street Outlaw. Plus, there was a rumor that Justin and Alicia have not been able to solve some family problems tangled between them and they might split up at any time near future.

It was really hard to believe for the fans as Chief was a true heart family person and everyone witnessed how much he cared for the family. However, all these rumors turned out to be fake as Justin and Allicia never broke up. Instead, their love for each other and fellow-feeling has been increasing with the passage of time although the rumor shocked the fans.

Is Jackie Braasch Big Chief New Girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, Chief was cast getting close to a woman in the previous shows of Discovery channels’ Street Outlaw. And it was none other than Jackie Braasch who was rumored to be the new girl in Justin’s life. Yes, it’s true that Chief posted about the new girl on his Instagram. And, probably it fueled the rumor when he stated something on Instagram.

Big Chief Street Outlaws

Big Chief Street Outlaws

Chief was keenly interested in racing since his boyhood, and as mentioned earlier, he used to ride his bike for watching the street races took place on Old Route 66 when Chief was only 9 years old. After moving to Oklahoma at the age of 12, Chief involved in racing. Big Chief was highly passionate about racing, and his passion got a new height when Discovery Channel hosted one of their shows titled “Street Outlaws” focusing on street racers.

“Street Outlaws” provided Chief with an opportunity to showcase his racing talent. However, the show also went through several accidents unfortunately followed by some seriously injured drivers as well.

Big Chief the Crow

Big Chief the Crow

Everything that comes at first in our life is somehow associated with our dreams, most of the times. Likewise, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans car was a dream car for Big Chief. He nicknamed the car “The Crow” and completely transformed the car into a twin turbo GTO which took him several years. He customized the car with a balanced engine which includes custom turbo pistons along with a balanced rotating assembly. He also put together a custom valvetrain, ported heads, and a machine.

Having two lovely boys and a wife who as Chief’s first love, fans can hardly tolerate that their hero is dating another woman. Again, a fear always keeps haunting us as anyone can do anything being madly in love, right? It’s true that Big Chief cares for his family and wife Allicia; we cannot deny that he dated Jackie Braasch. As of now, we didn’t get any trustworthy news that we can rely on regarding the divorce. Let’s see what’s waiting for Big Chief wife Allicia and Jackie Braasch.

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