Big Projects, Big Payoffs: 5 Home Upgrade Ideas With High ROI

Picture this: you renovate something in your home to change something that you’re unhappy with, but when it comes time to sell, that project also brings in extra cash.

It’s a win-win situation. 

Renovating your home is primarily done to switch out things you’re unhappy with and upgrade your space, but they can boost your home’s resale value as well. Are you curious exactly which projects will give you the highest return on your investment?

Read on to learn five home upgrade ideas that will freshen your space now and bring more money in the future.

1. Finish Your Basement

Do you have an unfinished basement? If you change that and take the time to finish it, you can add significant square footage to your home.

Before you resell, you and your family will have more space to enjoy: think about a decked-out mancave, family-friendly game room, or a home theater! The options are endless.

There’s potential for you to recoup about 70% of the costs associated with this project if you ever decide to sell.

2. Kitchen Remodel

One of the best home upgrades to do is a kitchen remodel. You can choose to go all out and completely redo everything within the space, or you can spruce it up with some DIY projects and still increase the value of your home.

Here are a few ways you can revamp your kitchen:

  • Paint the cabinets a more modern color
  • Switch out old hardware for new hardware
  • Upgrade your appliances
  • Redo the floor
  • Add a backsplash

No matter what changes you decide to make, even minor kitchen changes can add up.

3. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one of the home projects that you don’t want to miss out on. One place to look at if you’re interested in them is

Having solar panels can save you thousands of dollars on your utility bills. Because of this, your home will be attractive to potential buyers. Saving money on energy and being more eco-friendly is always a good thing.

4. Replace Your Garage Door

The curb appeal of a home is vital when you’re looking to resell.

One of the best home upgrades to consider is switching out an old garage door for a new one. This change has one of the highest returns on investments out of them all!

Think of the difference in how you feel about a home that has a dirty old garage door that might not even work versus when you see a clean and modern garage door. This change can severely impact people’s first impressions of your home.

5. Bathrooms

Two of the rooms that matter most when looking for a new home are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Gutting a bathroom can be expensive, but doing a simple bathroom upgrade can be very affordable and has the potential to add more value to your home than what you spend.

One easy change is replacing the vanity. Consider getting a vanity with a double sink if possible. 

If you don’t want to make any changes that are that time-consuming, consider upgrading the showerhead, adjusting the lighting, and adding a fresh coat of paint.

Satisfying and Straightforward Home Upgrade Ideas

When considering different home upgrade ideas, you will want to consider your return on investment from making the changes.

While you must enjoy the new features in the meantime, when it comes time to sell, it helps to recoup your money.

This article highlighted five simple changes that you can make while still making money in the long term. Consider finishing your basement, upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, installing solar panels, or replacing your garage door.

All of these home improvement projects are sure to please you now and in the future!

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