Bodybuilding Supplements: What Are the Best SARMs for Building Muscle?

SARM’s have been making a name for themselves in the fitness industry this past year, taking it by storm.

Several clinical studies have shown the performance enhancer to help increase lean muscle mass and even decrease fat mass in individuals. These studies show promising results for the future of these supplements.

If you are looking to gain muscle mass, consider adding a SARM to your fitness routine. Not sure which one to choose? We got you covered.

Keep reading this guide to discover the best SARMS for building muscle, and how they can help you push past plateaus.

What Are SARMS?

SARMS are short for selective androgen receptor modulators, and are known to the fitness community as being similar to steroids, but what are they really?

Sure, SARMS and steroids both work on androgen receptors. However, SARMs are “selective” on the tissue that they effect. With steroids, they are not selective and can cause damaging effects on cardiovascular health, hormones, and liver.

SARMs are different, they can single out and activate a specific androgen receptor. As far as SARMs side effects go, they have been reported to be much milder when compared to steroids, if any at all.

There are a few different types of SARMs that give off individual effects, like more of a big bodybuilding physique or a leaner physique. These are some of the best SARMs supplements currently on the market.

  1. Andarine (S-4)

Those who have tried Andarine swear by it during their cutting cycles. It is among the best SARMs for preserving muscle during periods where you may have reduced calories to cut fat out.

Not only does Andarine help burn fat, but it also can assist in building muscle, giving you an aesthetic look.

  1. Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is known as being one of the most used SARMs and has been exploding in popularity as of recently.

One of the many reasons users try Ostarine is because of the adaptability that comes with the supplement. It can be used for both gaining muscle and trimming fat – making it a favorite among users.

Ostarine is also being studied for its positive effects on bone health.

  1. Ligandrol (LGD 4033)

LGD 4033 is another favorite SARM, especially among those who are looking to pack on the muscle. It is also one of the few SARMs that has been studied in human trials.

A placebo-controlled study consisting of 76 health men who were given various doses observed that the participants taking it did indeed have an increase in lean muscle mass.

  1. Testolone 

Testolone is one of, if not the strongest, SARM on the market. One study conducted on rats showed that RAD 140 had the same effects on reducing cell death as testosterone.

RAD 140 is known for its powerful effects on muscle building as well as its neuroprotective properties. Many bodybuilders consider Testolone one of the best SARMs stack for building muscle.

Some Testolone users have reported gaining 15-20 pounds of lean muscle mass in as little as 2-3 months.

For More Information and Tips on the Best SARMs for Building Muscle

SARMs have a promising future in the world of health and fitness. They are a relatively new supplement that shows promising results in several different studies.

These four are some of the best SARMs for building muscle currently on the market. If you are looking to gain lean muscle, consider giving these a try.

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