Breast Augmentation Options For Natural-Looking Results

Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries performed all over the world. While breast implants were previously desired for a large and voluptuous chest, today, more patients seek a natural look while still enhancing their breast size. With breast implants and augmentation evolving, it’s easy to achieve a natural breast enhancement aesthetic. 

Various methods can be used to create a completely natural look for breast augmentation, Bellevue. They all vary and work depending on the patient’s goals or preferences. Below, we’ll look at the various options that will fit your breast expansion goals. 

Fat Transfer To The Breasts 

One of the most natural forms of breast enhancement is fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure takes fat from your body and injects it into the breast tissue to create a bigger breast size. Many people like this option, as it slims areas with unwanted fat and provides an enhanced breast size. 

However, fat-transfer breast augmentation does come with some limitations. It can only increase the breast size by half or one cup size, and this largely depends on the amount of fat available to harvest. For this reason, other natural breast expansion options are more popular than fat transfer. 

Silicone Breast Implants 

Silicone breast implants can provide a natural appearance for the chest while also providing many options for the shape, protrusion, and size. Silicone breast implants can mimic the natural curve and shape of breast tissue. Additionally, depending on the shape or protrusion, silicone implants can provide natural movement and breast feel. 

Silicone breast implants come with various options that can provide outstanding breast expansion without appearing unnatural. Other variations of silicone breast implants can provide the most natural breast enhancement, as well. Silicone breast implants are one of the most popular choices for natural breast augmentation, as they can help you find your ideal aesthetic without compromising on size. 

Gummy Bear Breast Implants 

Gummy bear implants are a type of silicone implant that can come in a teardrop shape, miming the shape of natural breast tissue. These implants provide the most natural-looking breast enlargement, as they are low-risk and form naturally to the breast shape. Many patients choose gummy bear implants for their outstanding benefits and natural appearance. 

Gummy bear implants are more costly than other implants due to the new technology used in the interior. They are consistent with gummy bear candy, meaning the risk of implant rupture or leakage is extremely low. Gummy bear implants don’t move around as much as regular silicone due to their dense consistency and structure. 

Saline Breast Augmentation 

Saline breast implants are not always the first choice for a natural-looking breast augmentation, but they can provide the ideal size and shape for many patients. A breast augmentation Bellevue, with saline implants, can provide outstanding shape and size for patients looking for a stunning lift.  

Which Natural Breast Augmentation Is Best?

Which natural breast augmentation type is best for you is up to your personal preference and goals. You should look at many factors before deciding which solution is right for you. Some significant factors to examine include: 

  • Breast augmentation cost: Knowing how much you want to spend on your breast augmentation is essential before deciding upon surgery. This will help you find the breast augmentation procedure that will suit your financial needs. 
  • Breast Size: Having an idea of your breast size can help you decide which kind of breast augmentation would be right for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation only enhances the breast by a cup or half-cup size, so if you want more volume, implants are most likely the better option. 
  • Provider: A general sense of the provider you wish to use can help you make informed decisions about the right natural implants. 

Finding The Right Provider 

Finding the best provider is the most critical factor for any natural breast augmentation. A great way to find the provider that will benefit your needs and goals is to attend numerous consultations and decide from there. The right provider will be able to guide you to the best solution for your needs and aesthetic goals. 


At Northwest Face & Body, the dedicated team of providers offers every patient the leading natural breast augmentation. Whether you are interested in a fat transfer breast augmentation or gummy bear implants, our providers can help find the ideal solution that provides a natural appearance while still creating breast enhancement. A natural-appearing breast augmentation is possible with the right provider and guidance. 

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