Call An Expert If You Have These Roof Problems

Isn’t it confusing to decide between solving your common roof problems yourself or calling an expert? Not all of us have the required knowledge and expertise to take care of the roofing problems all by ourselves. That is why the services of a roofing expert are required. 

But how do you know when it is safe to do it yourself and when exactly you should call an expert? To answer this question, we have put down a list of common roof problems that require the services of an expert. 

5 Common Problems That Must Be Taken Care of by an Expert

Here is the list explaining the five common roofing issues that must only be addressed by a roofing expert and should not be tackled by homeowners.

Inside Water Damage to the Roof

There are times when you can see the railing of water on the ceiling from the inside of your home. It is a sign that water has penetrated the ceiling walls through the roof. This type of roof damage can be very dangerous and must be attended to immediately. 

Water damage to the roof happens over a while, mostly on account of weather conditions. If you find this type of damage in your roofing, then call an expert and have them analyse the structure. Such roofing problems need complex repairs, which roofing experts can only do. 


When your roof has gone through a lot of structural damage, it will start showing signs of sagging. Over a period, the moisture penetrates the roofing walls and starts rotting other structures like wood. The walls will show signs of sagging, and this means it needs proper repair. 

You must call a roofing expert to have them analyse the existing condition of the roof. Based on this, they may suggest the type of repair it needs. Do not try to cover up the sagged-up places with temporary solutions. It would not last long and might make the roofing weaker and dangerous to live beneath. 

Missing Shingles

When your roof becomes weak, it cannot hold the bolts and shingles properly. While cleaning your yard or garden area, you might find shingles flown off from the roof. This would only happen when your roof is damaged, and it must be repaired immediately. 

A roofing expert can advise on the level of damage and suggest the repairs needed. Do not leave it unattended since the condition of your roof would worsen over a period and might expose you to dangerous living conditions. 

Discolouration Over the Inside Doors

Indoors getting discoloured from the ceiling is a red flag as it indicates critical damage to the roof. Not only does this spoil the aesthetics of your home from the inside, but it also exposes you to dangerous living conditions. 

The discolouration is a sign that your roof has taken a toll and now it needs repairs. Moreover, this type of damage also leads to other problems like moulds and moisture damage to the walls. Only an expert must address such type of issue since a layperson cannot manage this. 

Black Stains on the Roof

Algae is the main culprit behind the black stains on the roof. Besides the damage to the home’s beauty from outside, algae also lead to other roofing damage. Also, they should not be removed using power-wash as it might lead to other issues live removal of granules. 

There are various methods to tackle black stains caused by algae on the roof. Some use zinc strips and place them on the ridge to help kill the bacteria. At the same time, others replace the regular shingles with algae-resistant ones. A roofing expert can easily suggest a solution to this problem.

Gutters Filled with Granules

A common sign indicating that your roof needs immediate repair is when you find granules blocking your gutters. The granules can come off the roof on account of extensive damage. With time the roof weakens, and its granules would come off and expose the shingles. 

When you find granules in large quantities in your gutters, take it as a sign that you need to have to roof analysed. A roofing expert would provide an apt solution to take care of this issue.

Concluding Thoughts

The roof is an important part of our homes. Like any other section of the house, roofing needs timely repairs and maintenance. While homeowners themselves can address some roofing problems, others require the services of a roofing expert. 

We hope you keep your roofs strong by knowing when to avail the services of a roofing expert with the help of information provided in this write-up.

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