Can You Download Orbot on Mac?

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Orbot is a free proxy powered by Tor, and it helps us surf the internet anonymously. It is an official version of Tor that encrypts users’ data and provides a secure online platform. Orbot will make a strong connection with your device and save your private data safe from different online threats.

As we all know, the internet service provider always keeps their eye on our online activities. So the use of Orbot can help you to keep your online activities secure from network surveillance. You can also install orbot for mac to securely browse the internet from your Mac. This great tool will give you the proper privacy and your personal identity protection.

Main Features of Orbot for Mac

Orbot provides free proxy servers to protect users’ online activities from any threats and surveillance. This free proxy service allows users to surf the Internet anonymously and safely. But the question comes of what feature you will get after installing Orbot on your Mac. Well, this app offers many advanced features, and here we have included a few of them.

Anonymous Internet Surfing

Orbot will encrypt your internet traffic by using its multiple traffic encryption layers. It will also consolidate your input and output information and provide you a secure web browsing.

No Logs Policy

Orbot strictly follows a no-logs policy; it will not keep your browsing history and logs records. So you can imagine how your online platform will be after using Orbot on your device.


Orbot is a built-in VPN so that you can use tor on any installed app on your device. Tor will let you circumvent a firewall and allow you to do anything in the internet world. The bright side of tor is it will let you do any research confidentially.


The most interesting fact about Orbot is it will never show any ad during browsing through it. No other free proxy or VPN service has ad-free features, so experience the ad-free web browsing by using Orbot.

Open Source

Another unique side of Orbot is it will let you use Orbot’s code to create it as your own version. Any user can see, modify, and distribute the Orbot’s code because of its public access system.

Easy Setup

Orbot contains an easy setup system that will surely impress you.  Here you don’t have to turn on or off this software frequently.  Because Orbot will automatically on and off once you turn on or off your device.

Why you should use Orbot for Mac

Orot runs based on Tor; its VPN can unblock any website or any web platform easily. Because of it, no tracking system can track your activity because of Orbot’s connection bouncing system. It will bounce your internet connection through several nodes and let you get access to restricted websites.

Orbot will node your internet traffic throughout your internet connection, and this will encrypt and dispersed your internet traffic. This will make your internet traffic super secure and impossible to decrypt. Orbot VPN feature will let you choose certain apps on your device to encrypt the traffic. So with protecting your network system, Orbot will secure your device too.

How to Download or Install Orbot for Mac

You can easily run the Orbot app on your phone because it is designed for Android and iOS platforms. But if you spend most of the time on your Mac, you can install orbot for mac too. Though it is a mobile app, you can smoothly run it on Mac by using an emulator software.

Emulator software will convert the Orbot app and make a formation that will be fully compatible with your Mac. To get the best emulator, choose the one from Nox Player, BlueStacks, Remix OS Player, MEmu. Here we will guide you with the BlueStacks to download  Orbot for your Mac.

Step   1 –  Visit the official website of BlueStacks to download the updated version on your Mac.

Step   2 –    Then install it on your Mac and give it a little time to complete the process.

Step   3 –   After the installation process, open BlueStacks.

Step  4 –     Now visit the Play store from here and open it with your Google account.

Step   5 –    Now search for Orbot from the apps list of the play store.

Step   6 –    Select the right app from the search result and install it.

Step   7 –  Once the installation process is done, you are now ready to explore Orbot from your Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orbot is a free proxy app that allows your device’s apps to use the intent with strong protection and security. It contains an easy navigation and UI system, but some questions may still arise in your mind about Orbot. That’s why here we have included some questions and answers. The answers will help you to clear your thoughts about the Orbot app.

Is it Safe to Use an Orbot App?

Yes, Orbot is one of the safest ways to use the internet on your device without any hesitation. It will bounce your encrypted traffic several times, so it will be nearly impossible to track your online activity.

Can I Use the Orbot App on Macbook Pro?

Yes, you can use the Orbot app on your Macbook Pro with ease. Not only Macbook Pro, but you can also use any mobile app on it by simply using an emulator. Emulators will enable you to use mobile apps on Mac platforms.

What Is Tor?

Tor is an open-source and free web browser that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. It helps to give access to the dark web, and it is specially used for private communications.

Is Orbot a Free App?

Yes, Orbot is free for every user, and anyone can easily download it from google play or the Apple store. This app allows users to use all the features of the Orbot app for free.

Is it Illegal to Use Tor Browsers?

It’s not illegal to use the Tor browser, but it is completely ill in some countries. Another thing is it is not a crime to hide your browsing history or IP address.

Final View

Now you can ensure the security of your online activities, a big thanks to Orbot. When you have the orbot for mac download, you can surf the internet anonymously on your Mac. You can perform web browsing securely with more controlling tools, including a mouse and keyboard.

Orbot will make your real IP address disappear and make you a completely anonymous user. So no one can easily track your online activity, and it will also let you break geo-restrictions. To enjoy flawless web browsing, install Orbot on your Mac today. If you have any queries about this app and the downloading process, let us know through comments.

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