Caring for Your Collection: 5 Tips for Preserving and Protecting Your Collectibles

When you have collectibles of high financial or sentimental value, you want to protect them at all costs. Often, that means taking actions you wouldn’t consider for your everyday items.

If you’re unsure how to care for your prized possessions to ensure they remain in tip-top shape, take some of the actions below: 

Put Them In Storage

Our home environments aren’t always the best for our prized collections. You might worry about theft, natural disasters, or having enough space. In that case, consider exploring secure self-storage units

Storage facilities can offer secure and convenient storage solutions for your collectibles, whether they’re vintage cars, collectible cards, or your great-grandmother’s prized china teacups. You can keep them safe and secure in one location, knowing they’re unlikely to come to harm. Storage units can be especially ideal for people who move a lot, are worried about home security, or are concerned that fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels will cause damage. 

Obtain Insurance

Collectibles of great value aren’t always included in homeowner insurance policies. Often, insurance companies have value caps that your collectibles might exceed. 

Consider having your collection appraised and insuring it against damage, loss, and theft. If you have a collectible insurance policy and something happens, you may be less likely to experience financial loss. You might even be able to purchase more collectibles to make up for it!   

Keep Detailed Records

Collectors know how much their collectibles are worth. They also know where they obtained them, how rare they are, and that they’re authentic. Insurance companies and future purchasers won’t always know this information and aren’t always willing to take your word for it. 

As a result, keeping detailed records of your collectibles can be crucial. Appraisals, purchase receipts, multiple photos, and certificates of authenticity can all be helpful in the event of a future insurance claim or sale. Make sure you store these records separately from your collectibles in a safe location, such as a fire-proof safe. 

Consider Your Environment

You might live in your home environment comfortably and safely, but the same can’t always be said for your precious collectible goods. Some environments can be harmful, especially as far as temperature, humidity, and pests are concerned. 

Varying humidity and temperature levels can sometimes result in paper deterioration and mold growth. Insects and rodents can also cause considerable damage to poorly stored collected goods. Fortunately, you can take many easy steps to limit environmental damage. You can store goods in pest-resistant packaging, raised off the ground. You can also invest in humidifiers and dehumidifiers for the area where your collectibles are stored. 

It’s also worth keeping them in a cool, dry, and stable environment without direct sunlight exposure. Using display cases can also help prevent dust, dirt, and damage. 

Handle Carefully

You might think nothing of holding your favorite baseball cards or thumbing through the pages of a classic first-edition book. However, the simple act of handling your collectibles can be damaging. The oils and dirt from your skin can damage delicate surfaces. This can be especially true if you interact with your collectibles often. 

Get into the habit of wearing gloves for goods with easy-to-damage materials, such as paper and cardboard. If you dust your collection, use soft microfiber cloths. 

Preserving and protecting your collectibles can be essential for their longevity and value. By using storage facilities, handling them carefully, and storing them appropriately, they can maintain their current condition for generations to come. 

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