Causes of Car Accidents

Do you ever wonder about car accidents and how they take place? I mean, car accidents have become a severe issue all over the world. There are several reasons for car accidents. You should know the causes so you can tackle the different situations lawfully. 

If you drive a car, it’s important to know the causes of car accidents. Because that way you can be aware of the reasons or avoid doing the same things. So, let’s get ahead and check out the causes of car accidents. 

What can cause a car accident? 

There are plenty of reasons that can cause a car accident to happen. Knowing about them is very much important for both driver and pedestrian. When you seek legal help for any car accident, you will need to know about the type of car accident you encountered. 

Although, having a law firm such as Marks & Harrison supporting you as the victim of a car accident can help a lot in the process. But if you don’t have a lawyer, you will need to fight to claim your rightful compensation by yourself. That’s when you will need to know the cause of your car accident and its severity. 

Here are the different causes of car accidents –

  • Over speeding 

Over speeding has to be one of the most common reasons for all the car accidents out there. Most people out there usually try to go to their destination as fast as possible. While doing so, they try to extend a certain speed which can cause overspeeding. 

However, your car isn’t the only vehicle on the road, so it’s important to maintain a speed limit. Otherwise, there is always that risk of hitting a pedestrian or another car. 

  • Drunken driving 

Well, drunken driving is very straightforward to understand. A drunk person won’t have any control over their driving. As a result, they will end up hurting someone and cause a car accident. It’s illegal to drive a car while the driver is drunk. So, if you fall victim to drunken driving, you can claim compensation to cover all your medical bills and expenses. 

  • Red light jumping 

Sometimes you will notice drivers not noticing the red light or maintaining the rules. Because of that, they end up crashing with other cars on the road. This leads up to major accidents. This is a very common cause of car accidents around the world. It’s also illegal not to follow the red light and cross it anyways. 

Other than these, there are several other causes of car accidents. Such as distractions to driving and not wearing safety gear like seat belts or helmets for bikes. 


To sum up, all I can say is that knowing the causes of car accidents is crucial for you. As a victim, you need to know about them to be aware of the legalities. And as a driver yourself, you will want to maintain the rules and avoid the reasons for car accidents. 

Also, if you encounter a car accident under any of the causes I discussed, always get a professional car accident lawyer. They can help you with the legal process and get you the justice you deserve. 

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