Common Dental Problems in Chestermere,Alberta

Undoubtedly, oral health is closely linked to the overall health of individuals. Research indicates a connection between bad oral hygiene and severe illnesses such as diabetes and respiratory ailments. For this reason, dentists in Canada emphasize the need to maintain a proper mouth care routine.

Your dentist in Chestermere will tell you the same thing. Not only should you get dental checkups done regularly, but you should also visit your dentist in case of an emergency. If you neglect bleeding gums, persistent toothaches, or a loose filling for too long, your mouth will be susceptible to life-threatening infections. Moreover, Mississauga Emergency Dental service would be a great help in case there is any kind of dental emergency.

Here are some typical dental problems Chestermere dentists treat people for every day.

Dental Decay

Also known as cavities in most parts of the world, dental decay is among the commonest issues people face. These are severely, permanently damaged areas of the tooth that may have holes in them. They occur when food, bacteria, and acid coat your teeth and form plaque.

According to a study, dental caries or cavities are highly prevalent in residents of Alberta, affecting children and adults alike. The report found that low-income groups, preschoolers, and Aboriginal residents were more severely affected by the issue.

In fact, an overall 19.7% of adults in Canada have at least one permanent tooth left untreated from coronal decay. But dental decay is quite a treatable condition, provided it isn’t neglected for long.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis is a severe dental issue that affects the gingiva, causing extreme damage to the supporting connective bone and tissue that anchors the teeth to the jaw. As the infection progressively spreads to the jaw, it can create an unpleasant inflammatory response throughout the body.

Chestermere residents who have diabetes are at a higher risk of developing this painful condition. If the infection is caught early, dentists usually perform scaling and root planing to keep it under control. Nowadays, several dentists in Canada are using minimally invasive laser treatments for periodontal disease. You can check with your dentist in Chestermere for information on the same.

Cosmetic Procedures

Chestermere is home to over twenty thousand people from different ethnic backgrounds. Each group requires a different type of dental care as their oral makeup and susceptibilities vary from one another. For instance, Aboriginals have more tooth decay problems than white folks, while many older white adults avoid visiting the dentist for various reasons.

However, a common factor among all residents is that several of them visit their local dentist to get cosmetic treatments. These include teeth whitening, fixing gaps, and smile make-overs. Chestermere dentists also treat people with bridges, veneers, crowns, and tooth-colored fillings. In severe cases, they perform complex surgical procedures such as dental implants.

The primary reason cosmetic dentistry is critical in Chestermere and other Canadian regions is that it enables people to lead more fulfilled and satisfying lives. The key is to have a lot of patience through the procedure, as cosmetic treatments often take time.

Wrapping Up

With dental insurance made readily available, an increasing number of residents in Alberta and other Canadian provinces are now visiting their dentists. This is a tremendous change as it means that more people will lead healthier, more confident lives. Furthermore, dentistry in Chestermere is expected to improve even more with the advancements in medicine and technology.

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