Common Issues OF Internet Privacy And Their Causes

Internet privacy is one of the most common and growing concerns for people belonging to all age groups these days, as the internet is a huge part of everyone’s lives these days.

There are several companies that might track your behavior across many websites in order to serve you with advertisements that are completely relevant to you.

This certainly makes it important for you to have a proper and encrypted online connection to save yourself and your personal data from attackers.

As online connectivity has undoubtedly changed the way we spend our everyday activities and lives, you should certainly be aware of your privacy instead of paying a huge price for this ease.

If you are certainly not aware of the common internet privacy issues and what might be the reasons behind them, read more below to find them out:


Surveillances are one of the most common internet privacy issues, and most people do not have any idea what this means.

Some governments are strict on their citizens, and they might tend to spy on them online in order to supposedly assist any law enforcement agencies.

There are a number of countries that authorize mass surveillance as well as they also allow their governments to monitor their citizen’s internet usage legally as to what they are doing and what activities they are performing online.

The internet companies or ISP providers, telcos, and several other communication service providers are also acquired to monitor their customer’s internet connection records for a whole year.

These records can also be obtained by government officials in order to use it in investigations even if you are not directly related to them.


According to many pieces of studies and research, there are millions of people who get affected by identity theft over the internet.

Many cyber criminals use spyware, phishing techniques, and several malware strategies to break into your online devices and accounts to steal your personal information in order to engage into illegal or any unethical identity theft activities.

Because of online theft, in most cases, the victims end up losing huge amounts of their blood and sweat earned money.

This mostly happens because they did not use any precautions when it comes to instant messages, attachments, or getting emails from unknown users.


When you are online and browsing over the internet, sometimes you might even have noticed those sneaky ads that follow you based on your earlier searches or which websites you visited.

This mostly happens because the advertisers, websites, and other internet activists track your movements over the internet.

They might use several techniques and cookie profiling to track your overall activities online and create a record of your browsing habits.

Reasons Of Internet Privacy Issues

Staying Logged In On Websites

Logging into websites and having them to remember your credentials might sound convenient to you,  but it is somehow one of the major causes of online privacy issues.

This means that leaving your online accounts logged in on websites certainly makes your personal data vulnerable to anyone who might hack your device.

Opening Malicious Attachments

It is always suggested that you never open any kind of suspicious files or malicious attachments in social media or emails coming from unauthorized or spam sources.

This is important as these files might contain viruses and malware, and you have to be extra careful when you open such files.

Using Same Credentials

Using the same credentials for all your online accounts might be convenient for you. Still, it certainly causes one of the biggest online privacy issues as it lets hackers attack your accounts and private information easily.

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