Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

So, after a few years of trying to find your soulmate with no success, you finally gave up trying and what happened? You met the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with just like that! Life can be like that and now you are both excited about the coming engagement when you can announce your intentions to the whole world. 

You both agree that the engagement ring must contain diamonds and if you are looking to keep costs to an acceptable level, consider using lab-grown diamonds in a customised engagement ring. Are there any differences between naturally formed and lab-grown diamonds? Both are officially graded and come with GIA certification, and both can have minor inclusions, while naturally formed diamonds take millions of years to form, a fine diamond can be grown in a lab in as little as 3 months. Only experts can tell the difference between natural and lab diamonds and to the average person, there is no difference.

Customised diamond engagement ring

Some people mistakenly think that having a diamond ring hand-crafted by a skilled jeweller is much more costly than choosing one from the shelf in a jewellery store; in fact, prices are similar and if ever there was a time for a hand-made diamond ring, an engagement would be it! 

The various components of a diamond engagement ring include:

  • Wedding band
  • Setting
  • Gemstones

It isn’t every day that you get to design your own diamond engagement ring and it is an exciting time for both bride and groom. Many Australian couples have matching wedding rings made by a custom jeweller, while girls like to match their engagement and wedding rings.

How are diamonds grown in a lab?

The same processes that create natural diamonds happen in a laboratory, extreme heat and pressure is applied to a seed diamond layers of pure carbon are built up and over a period of a few months, a stunning diamond is created. Just like naturally found diamonds, there can be minor inclusions and surface flaws and once the stone is complete, it is graded by a governing body such as the Gem Institute of America (GIA). Lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than naturally found diamonds and no one would ever know that the stunning stone on your finger was created in a laboratory. Click here for tips on living a celebrity lifestyle.

Sound investment

Investing in a lab-grown diamond custom engagement ring is every bit as good an investment as a naturally found diamond and if you would like to learn more about custom diamond engagement rings, search online for a leading Australian custom jeweller who works with lab-grown diamonds. High-grade stones are a good investment, whether naturally found or lab-grown and with official certification for every diamond, your fiancée can wear your diamond engagement ring with pride.

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