Cork Flooring: 5 Common Myths & Misconceptions 

If you are looking to renovate your home and cork flooring is one of the products you are considering, you may have heard a few things that make you wary about choosing cork. There are quite a few myths and misconceptions out there regarding cork flooring, which are listed in this article, along with good reasons they are myths.

1. Cork Is Not Eco-Friendly

This may have been true 20 years ago, when cork trees were felled in order to use the bark, yet today, cork is harvested in a sustainable way. The bark is harvested every 9 years, which doesn’t harm the trees and by rotating orchards, the harvesting is sustainable. Cork is a much-favored material for residential flooring, and many people would go as far as to say that cork is more eco-friendly than any other flooring material.

2. Cork Is Not Durable

Of course, cork is a soft material, yet this does not mean that the material is unsuitable for flooring. The softness offers a soft and silent walking experience and with a couple of coats of sealant, it is very durable and can handle high-traffic areas. Use rubber pads when placing heavy furniture on a cork floor; it would stop the material from hollowing under the extra weight. Durability is one of cork’s strengths, which is why the increasing usage of modern cork flooring Australia or property owners in your location are using isn’t surprising.

3. Cork Tiles Are Not Watertight

Cork tiles or planks might not be 100% watertight prior to applying a polyurethane sealant, but once two coats are applied, water will not penetrate the surface. You probably have a few friends who have installed cork flooring in their homes, why not pay them a visit and ask about durability and waterproofing? That way, you will get some accurate feedback regarding this issue and will no longer worry about water destroying the new flooring. If cork tiles were not watertight, people would never install the tiles in their bathroom or kitchen and these are two of the rooms where cork is mainly used.

4. Cork Flooring Comes In One Colour & Finish

Search online for a supplier of cork tiles and take a look at the many colors and finishes, which should debunk this myth. Colors range from light beige to jet black, with very attractive finishes, so you are sure to find a design and a shade that ticks all your boxes. It is important to choose a color and finish that blends well with the decor and when you visit the supplier’s website, you can browse images of the different colors and finishes.

5. Cork Flooring Does Not Stand The Test Of Time

Another myth is that cork tiles/planks do not stand the test of time. If the cork is of high quality and is professionally installed, then it will last for many years. Cork is a very durable material and floor tiles are heavy-duty when compared to cork wall tiles, which are thinner and of a lower grade. If you would like to view the best cork flooring, search with Google for a nearby flooring company and pay their showroom a visit.

Many homeowners choose cork because it ticks all their boxes and if you are an eco-friendly person who loves natural materials, cork is the obvious choice. Hopefully, this article goes a long way to dispelling these myths and that you enjoy your new cork flooring.

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