Dangers of Biking Under the Influence

The dangers of driving under the influence are severe, and they also apply to biking. Biking when intoxicated can lead to fatal crashes and bring along a host of unnecessary risks, such as brain injury or paralysis. Even if you make it out without a scratch, you will likely get in trouble with the cops, which can damage your overall record.

Dangers of Biking Under the Influence

Slower Reaction Time

Biking under the influence slows down the reaction time of the rider. If a car stops immediately in front of you, or if you see a pedestrian in a poorly lit alley, your reaction will be slower than normal. Moreover, it can make you easily distracted or struggle to focus on what’s ahead. When combining disoriented thoughts, confusion, and difficulty concentrating, the use of substances makes biking a dangerous activity.

 According to Houston DUI lawyer, David A. Breston, “Biking intoxicated impacts not only your mental abilities but also your physical abilities. Alcohol and drugs impact eye, hand, and foot coordination – all of which are integral for cycling.”

A cyclist who is not in control of these abilities poses a serious to both themselves and others. Poor motor skills and hand-eye coordination make drivers struggle to maintain their balance, leads to more swerving, and prevents them from steering properly.

Memory Loss and Poor Judgment

Being under the influence impacts the part of your brain responsible for rational thinking and judgment. Drugs and alcohol reduce inhibition and cause people to make decisions without paying attention to the consequences.

When biking without a clear head, you are less likely to predict and circumvent potential issues on the road. Intoxication also causes memory lapses, resulting in blackouts. When this happens, you may not be fully aware of your actions and surroundings. If you are driving while experiencing a blackout, your judgment is even more impaired. In such a situation, not only do you risk causing and getting involved in accidents, but you also risk remembering crucial information should something happen while you are cycling.

Poor Vision

Being able to see properly is an extremely important factor when biking, and driving when intoxicated can cause issues with your vision. Drinking may blur your vision or result in involuntary eye movement. This will consequently impact your ability to judge the distance between your cycle and other cars.

Moreover, you may even lose your peripheral vision, which plays a key role in bike safety. The more intoxicated you are, the more blurred your vision will be. Do not hop on the bike if you notice a blurry vision or experience other eye-related issues after a night of consuming substances.

Final Thoughts

Similar to drunk driving, biking while under the influence can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. If you are ever involved in a biking accident, don’t panic. Call 911 immediately and then contact a professional personal injury lawyer. These professionals are trained and experienced in providing legal representation and can make the process much quicker and more efficient. A lawyer can also help you secure any financial compensation based on your personal injury case.

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