Debunking the Most Common Manufacturing Myths That Exist Today

The manufacturing industry is subject to lots of assumptions about how it operates. These include claims of outdated processes or safety concerns. And this inaccurate information paints a false picture of the manufacturing sector.

In reality, rapid prototyping and blockchain are among the advances keeping this industry strong. But the wrong assumptions don’t end there. Read on to learn about the main manufacturing myths that exist today!

Robots Are Replacing Humans in the Manufacturing Industry

A leading myth is that robots will soon replace humans in manufacturing. And this means there aren’t any jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Yes, many companies are using robotics to streamline manufacturing processes as part of their business plan. But they’re not eliminating jobs for humans. In fact, humans play a huge role in managing how robots are used.

Humans are responsible for maintaining and repairing robotic equipment. Humans also provide an essential personal point of contact for employees.

An employee may have a personal hardship that makes performing job duties a challenge. In that instance, they need an empathetic manager.

And there’s a huge need for employees. A shortfall in qualified employees means that you can get trained. Many manufacturing companies are paying for short-term training at their facilities.

If you’re hoping to land a manufacturing job, you can count on a livable wage and upskilling opportunities. You just need to be willing to learn!

Manufacturing Myths Include Concerns About Safety

Additionally, many people express concerns about perceived safety issues in the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, these concerns do not align with today’s reality of enhanced safety protocols.

Today’s training regimen includes training modules that workers must complete during onboarding. Plus they’ll need to complete refresher courses to maintain certifications.

Safety practices apply to the tools for the job, too. Manufacturers supply protective gear, such as eyewear, helmets, and gloves. They have managers to provide feedback and correct issues on the manufacturing floor.

Equipment undergoes regular maintenance to ensure that it is safe to use. This is particularly true of outdoor equipment exposed to corrosive rainstorms or winter weather.

Manufacturing Processes Today Do Not Embrace Technology

Manufacturing processes today embrace technology and incorporate advanced techniques like vacuum brazing processing. Vacuum brazing is a cutting-edge method used in various manufacturing industries to join metal components with exceptional precision and strength. Incorporating vacuum brazing into manufacturing processes enhances the overall capabilities of the industry. It enables the production of complex and intricate components that require tight tolerances and optimal heat distribution. With vacuum brazing, manufacturers can achieve intricate designs, high-quality joints, and improved product functionality.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Manufacturing processes use sensors, information technology, and software to keep factories humming.

An employee needs also extend to cybersecurity and server maintenance. In addition, manufacturing businesses need IT specialists. They help keep the computer networks working so a company can communicate with buyers.

Many manufacturing businesses have turned to rapid prototyping for product development and refinement. Innovations like metal fabrication software and 3-D printing are the norm in most types of manufacturing today. And manufacturing companies need talented machinists to operate and repair equipment.

Bust These Myths About Manufacturing

Manufacturing myths can have a bad effect on the industry if left unchecked. With plenty of good-paying jobs to be had, it’s critical to hold up this sector. Share the good news that manufacturing jobs can be steady and lucrative, with opportunities for upskilling!

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