Debunking the Most Common Solar Panel Myths That Exist Today

Have you been considering solar panel installation for your home, but feel daunted by the wide and conflicting information that you have read and heard? It is no surprise that you are confused!

With that much solar power being generated, there might be a few stories floating around as well. Some of those might be preventing you from making the big switch to solar power! They are misleading and inaccurate!

As a smart homeowner, you must not believe everything you hear! Take a look at the top solar panel myths, and set the record straight. Let’s get into it!

Switching to Solar Can Be Too Expensive

In reality, the cost of installing a residential solar energy system is significantly lower now than it was even just a few years ago. Many people are even shocked to find that they are far more affordable than they realize.

Depending on location and incentives, they can even be comparable in price to just purchasing electricity from the grid. Additionally, many solar energy companies even offer financing plans, making it an even more viable option for any budget.

Ultimately, it can pay for itself in seven to ten years through energy savings.

Solar Panels Won’t Work in Cloudy and Rainy Environments

This is not true either. Solar panels are still likely to produce some energy in poor weather conditions, although the output may be lower than in sunny weather. In fact, many of today’s panels are specifically designed to take in and use low-light conditions like rainy days.

Additionally, it is also generated because of the reflections off-clouds, streets, and buildings, making them even more efficient in these weather conditions.

Require Too Much Maintenance

These panels are actually very low maintenance and don’t need much regular attention. Generally, all they require is an occasional cleaning and inspection every 6-12 months to ensure they are still operating correctly.

Yet this is highly dependent on the types of solar panels and system design, which requires hardly any maintenance at all. If they do need a bit more attention then there are various companies who offer repairs and servicing.

They Are a Hassle to Install

Installing these panels is actually quite easy these days, with many contractors offering good service at an affordable price. Plus, some solar panel companies offer free installation or other installation incentives.

In short, placing solar panels in your home is not a hassle these days. Just make sure to find a local solar installers for your home!

They Won’t Last Long or Will Not Perform Effectively

Modern solar panels are extremely reliable and will likely last for much longer than most people believe. To start, these panels are generally analyzed for effectiveness over a 25-year period.

Also, most manufacturers today make use of advanced cell technology and modern materials which will make them:

  • Extremely efficient and dependable
  • Resistant to common environmental damage
  • Designed with corrosion-resistant frames

This extended longevity and protection is also the reason why some manufacturers are now offering performance warranties of up to 30 years.

A Guide to the Reality of Solar Panel Myths

The solar panel myths are numerous but are mostly unfounded. Being informed about the facts versus these stories will help you make the best decision for you and your energy needs.

So, don’t believe everything you hear, and make sure to do your research! Take advantage of the solar energy solutions available today and start powering your future with clean energy.

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