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The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is a personal space that should embody individual ideas of a person about comfort and coziness. Creating a feeling of peace and tranquility, the atmosphere allows you to completely relax and feel safe. A properly decorated room promotes deep sleep and good rest. That is why it is critically important to pay the utmost attention to the design of bedrooms.

Of course, a bedroom can be more than just a cozy nest. If you approach the solution of the problem wisely, take advantage of new, trendy ideas, the room will just transform. A few touches and original design solutions will make the bedroom special, create a non-standard, stylish interior. And for inspiration, we have made a selection of the best design solutions that will be trendy this year.

1. Use Eclectic Details

The bedroom is the most personal space in an apartment, the perfect place to express yourself, showcase your passions and interests. An antique bed, a handcrafted Moroccan rug, as well as black-and-white photos, will create a special atmosphere in your special room – bedroom.

2. Pick the Correct Quantity of Pillows

How do you know that the number of pillows that you have chosen works best for your bedroom? How to find that very balance? There should be enough pillows to make the bed look cozy and inviting, but you shouldn’t be busy for more than 10 minutes making the order on the be. The most appropriate number is between two and six pillows; however, there is no universal rule that works in 100% of cases. It all depends on the size of your bed.

Of course, you should also consider the design of your pillows. Make sure that they match the vibe of your bedroom. If you’re aiming for a farmhouse style or a minimalist approach, pillows in neutral colors with little fringed ruffles are your safe choice. You may also go for quilted patchwork ones.

Regardless of the design and the number of pillows you throw on your bed, make sure that they’re comfortable to use. It would be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep with hard pillows. You also don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck the next day. As such, invest in high-quality pillows for a good night’s sleep.

3. Think About Floral Decor

Whether on your bedside table, dressing table, or windowsill, flowers in your bedroom are the most enjoyable way to wake up. It is especially true in winter when fresh herbs are so essential! If you are unsure whether this idea will work best for your bedroom, then you can always resort to virtual staging software from the spotless agency. Be inspired and find the best place for a pot with your favorite flowers or plants in the premises of your bedroom.

4. Plan Outdoor Details

The bedroom in the home of Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz in Cartagena has a big advantage: glass doors leading to a spacious balcony with hammock and garden views. Interior details made from natural materials, such as a raffia and seashell chandelier or a wicker screen at the head of the bed, create a decorative accent and a sense of closeness to nature. Think about such details that you can use in your apartment.

5. Lay Soft Carpet

Nothing spoils your morning mood like stepping from a warm bed to a cold, hard floor. Take care of your comfort and don’t forget to have a soft carpet in your bedroom. When choosing a carpet, we advise you to pay attention to the quality of the pile (length, softness, silkiness, natural fibers) and timeless design in order to use it as long as possible!

6. Hand Photos on the Wall

In other rooms, you can post as many family photos as you like. But for the bedroom, it is better to choose less emotionally colored images. Elegant photographs will give the interior of the bedroom a stylish look not reminiscent of “the coming dream” about specific people. 

7. Make It a Gadget-Free Zone

The bedroom is, first of all, a dream and relaxation. What do you need when you sleep? It is certainly not a smartphone. The same goes for the TV. Remove all appliances from the bedroom and enjoy a more restful sleep. You will also get a room for furniture and accessories that you like.

8. Use a Variety of Textures

Of course, your bedding should be as velvety and luxurious as possible, but don’t forget about textures throughout the rest of the room. The play of textures is just so important. The built-in headboard made of quilted black leather and the Moroccan wedding bedspread will do the thing – believe us!

9. Make a Headboard Creative

If you quickly get tired of things and like to change items, using curtains as a headboard is your choice. Changing the fabric and shape of the drapery will allow you to update the room every season, depending on the mood.

10. Put Your Favorite Art Object

It is not necessary to fill the entire room with works of art. Pick one vibrant piece of art that means a lot to you and looks great. This will make you feel special and happy every time you enter a bedroom and see something that you really like.

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