DIY Beauty Products: 5 Self Care Products to Make at Home

Self-care is good for the soul!

Taking time out from your busy and hectic schedule to honor your body and pamper yourself not only feels good, but it benefits your mental health. Although it’s seen as a luxury, there are ways to indulge yourself without spending top dollar by making DIY beauty products on your own.

Read on for our guide for five beauty products to make at home for your next self-care Saturday.

1. Exfoliant 

Removing dead skin cells is necessary for clear and healthy skin and exfoliant is a way to help speed up that process.

Typically associated with the face, it’s something that the entire body can benefit from. This powerful beauty product can be pretty pricey in stores but all the ingredients you need are in your home.

All you need for an effective exfoliator is brown sugar, honey, oils of your choice, and essential oils or fruit for fragrance. You can also use oatmeal for your concoction as well.

2. Body Butter 

Every skin type needs a good moisturizer and lotions, although effective, can be filled with harmful ingredients.

Body butter is a healthy alternative to lotion and it’s easy to create your own recipe that’s perfect for your skin. A beginner’s guide to body butter is to start with shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. Once you’ve chosen your oils then whip them up with a mixer, store, and you’re ready to moisturize.

There are no limits to the kinds of body butters you wish to create and it can turn into a fun project for you!

3. Shampoo 

Washing your hair is important for removing excess oils and for your overall hair and scalp health. It’s a cleansing process but much like lotions, there are damaging chemicals in some of your favorite shampoos.

Instead of putting your scalp and yourself at risk, you might consider making your own shampoo for your wash days, it’s actually easier than you might think!

To make an effective shampoo, you’ll need apple cider vinegar for its antimicrobial benefits, castile soap, your choice of green or black tea, and essential oils for scent. If your hair needs some extra care, then you can add more moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera juice.

4. Conditioners 

After a good shampoo, you need an equally effective conditioner. Both regular and deep conditioners can be made from the comfort of your own home and you may be surprised to learn that all the ingredients you need are in your kitchen.

You can use mayonnaise for it’s strengthening and moisturizing properties. The smell may be a bit much, but it works and will leave your hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

If you’re not sold on using mayonnaise, you can mix together, avocados, bananas, egg yolks, and oils for an effective conditioning treatment.

5. Eye Cream 

Our last product on our list is something that will benefit you after those long and exhausting days. It’s a must-have for everyone, eye cream.

Bags and dark circles happen, but you can fix them without buying expensive creams. All you need is a vitamin E and aloe vera mixture, store it in the fridge and apply when necessary.

Both contain healing agents and when left in a cool place will help reduce puffiness and dark circles. It’s also effective for getting rid of wrinkles. Think of this recipe as your very own anti-aging serum!

Recharge With DIY Beauty Products  

Making DIY beauty products is a part of the self-care process. Coming up with the right combinations for you and by simply going the extra mile for yourself, is an act of self-love.

We hope that you found our guide helpful and decide to make beauty products for yourself. You can make decent sized batches so that way you give yourself a piece of self-care and relaxation every day.

Everyone is worthy of being pampered, and with these recipes, everyone can experience it!

Let us know your thoughts below and be sure to explore the rest of our website for more helpful guides!

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