Do I Need a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?: The Facts You Need to Know

As of the latest federal reports, large trucks involved in injury crashes in the US rose by 5% from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, these massive vehicles had involvement in 112,000 injury crashes. During the previous year, the count was only 107,000.

If a truck hit you while you’re driving a passenger vehicle, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to lawyer up.

Yes, it’s a smart idea to hire a semi-truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. And contact Dallas-Ft Worth Trucking Accident Attorneys in case you are from Dallas. We’ve rounded up the top reasons why this is the case, so be sure to keep reading.

Semi-Truck Accidents Can Result in More Severe Injuries

Adrenaline, which the body produces during stressful events, can induce a superhuman-like strength. Also known as epinephrine, this hormone triggers the body’s fight-or-flight reaction.

When you get into a semi-truck accident, an adrenaline rush can give you a false perception of being fine. However, just because you don’t see blood doesn’t mean you don’t have internal injuries.

Keep in mind that the average big rig is about 20 to 30 times heavier than most passenger vehicles. As such, they can cause more severe brain, back, neck, and spinal cord injuries that may not be evident right away. They can also cause chest and stomach injuries that only medical testing can reveal.

For those reasons, it’s vital that you visit a doctor as soon as possible following a truck accident. This way, you can receive a complete diagnosis and professional treatment.

Once you know how extensive and severe your injuries are, get in touch with a truck accident lawyer. At the very least, the attorney will evaluate your medical records and your entire case for free. From there, the legal professional can give you an idea of how meritorious your case is.

Lawyers Specialize In Evidence Collection and Preservation

According to the guide linked here, a key role of an accident lawyer is to investigate accident sites. These include scrutinizing skid marks, debris, and road conditions at the accident scene.

Semi-truck Accident Lawyers also shoulder the responsibility of obtaining the police accident report. They speak with the police officers who attended the scene. They also reach out to the emergency medical service (EMS) staff present at the accident site.

The best truck accident lawyers also immediately investigate the involved truck driver. They process the documents needed to get the driver’s logbook and blood test results. They look into the trucker’s background, scouring it for past violations.

Truck accident lawyers need to do these right away, as there’s a risk of evidence tampering. For starters, the involved driver may get tempted to falsify data in their logbook. Do note that falsifying logs is the third most common reason truckers get put out of service.

If you don’t hire a lawyer, you’d have to do all these on your own. It would likely take you longer, though, especially if you have injuries. This can lead to the evidence degrading, disappearing, or worse, getting tampered with.

All that can then put your rightful compensation at risk. You can prevent this from happening by hiring the best semi-truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. Visit .

A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Prove Liability

Twelve states, plus Puerto Rico, implement no-fault auto accident laws. In these states, all drivers must purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Drivers who get into a crash in these states must then file a claim with their own insurance provider.

PIP coverage is usually for small claims, though, so it only pays out a small amount. The thing is, most truck accidents result in massive damages that exceed PIP coverage. If this describes your case, a truck accident lawyer can help you sue outside the no-fault law.

If you got involved in a truck accident in an at-fault state, you need to prove the trucker was at fault. If the truck driver is an employee, then you also need to prove their employer’s liability. Failure to prove their fault or negligence can lead to you not getting any compensation.

A truck accident lawyer will assist you in proving the truck driver’s or truck company’s fault. They will build your case using all the evidence they gather. Even if you don’t have to sue, your lawyer will help you file the claim and ensure you get fair compensation.

A Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Handles the Bulk of the Legwork

Your lawyer will take over most of the aspects of your case, from gathering documents to filing a claim. They’ll also calculate the worth of all the property damages and lost wages you incurred. Moreover, they’ll factor in your previous and future medical and hospital bills.

You can also expect your semi-truck accident lawyer to speak to all parties on your behalf. These include your insurer, the truck driver’s (or their employer’s) insurance company. Your attorney will also negotiate settlements, making sure it’s appropriate to your losses.

Please keep in mind that some insurers commit bad faith tactics. This includes denying legitimate claims or delaying the claims payout processes. Insurance companies may also make low-ball offers in the hopes of cutting their costs.

If you handle your truck accident injury case on your own, you may be at risk of such bad faith tactics. Don’t let an insurer get away with these practices. It’s best you hire a lawyer who will protect you against such illegal acts.

Lawyering Up Lets You Focus on Your Recovery

The primary reason you should hire a semi-truck accident lawyer is so that you can focus on your recovery. Again, that’s because your lawyer will take over most of the steps you need to get compensation. You can also look into hiring a Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer to help you get back on your feet financially and legally after a personal injury.

So, enlist the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. This way, you can spend most of your time and energy healing your injuries.

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