Do You Need a Lawyer for a First Time Simple Assault Charge?

Do you need a lawyer for a first time simple assault charge?

Many people feel that hiring a lawyer for a first time simple assault charge isn’t worth the hassle. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on to learn if you need a lawyer for a first time simple assault charge.

Why You Need a Lawyer

When tempers flare, a simple assault charge can follow. It often occurs in the following incidents:

  • Arguments with neighbors
  • Domestic violence episodes
  • Public intoxication

When charged and convicted, the highest penalty is around 2 years of jail time. But something you do in the heat of the moment doesn’t have to ruin the rest of your life.

Find yourself a good lawyer who specializes in the first time simple assault charge. They will make sure you get the right help and advice you could need. Depending on the charge, incident, and state, they will try to get the best outcome and solution they can.

What to Look For

There are certain things you should look out for when picking the right lawyer to suit your needs. You want to make sure you’re getting the best representation possible.

Price Isn’t Everything

The money a lawyer costs doesn’t always mean they’re the best on the market. There is something called the “Hampton” syndrome. This is where if someone doesn’t charge a lot of their services, people think they’re not good.

In certain circles, the price a lawyer charges is more for status/reputation boosting. It doesn’t always reflect their qualifications and experience. So don’t let the high figures blind you into thinking you have a good defense. Pick a well-qualified lawyer you can afford.

Find the Best Lawyer For YOU

It’s not only about getting the “best” lawyer. Yes, you want someone who knows their way around the courtroom, but you need one that’s best for you and your case. This means you need to look for someone who will understand the whole situation and meet your needs.

You also need to be able to understand your lawyer. They need to speak your language and take time to explain their reasoning methods. Look for a lawyer who will be an adviser and who makes you feel comfortable.

It’s important you feel comfortable with them, as they will need to know everything about the case. Even things you don’t want to talk about.

Make Sure They Have the Right Experience

Not all lawyers handle the same cases. Some will specialize in corporate law, while others cover criminal law. Even within their special fields, they can specialize further.

Some are newer, and some are more seasoned and experienced.

Find a lawyer who matches your case type. For first time simple assault, that’s a violent crime. You need a lawyer with experience in violent crime, not one who is, say, used to DUI cases.

You can check out a lawyer’s website to see what they specialize in. Contact only those who fit your case. They’ll be able to handle and understand your case with ease. Which puts you in better stead for success.

Find Out Who’s Handling Your Case

If your lawyer is a solo practitioner, you’re pretty certain who’s handling your case. But if you’re going with a firm, make sure you ask to meet with the person who will handle your case. It’s all about feeling comfortable with the person you’ll work with and go to court with.

People are often confused when they think they’re hiring one lawyer but end up with someone else. It’s important to know who you’ll be working with right from the start to see if you fit.

Check the Team

Even when you find out who your lead lawyer is, case preparation is a team effort. Every good lawyer will have a team behind them. A good team is key to winning any case.

Check to see if your lawyer has a team to help them and what they’re comprised of. Admin staff, paralegals, and other junior lawyers are common team members.

See if they have a backup plan in case of an emergency. What if your lawyer is sick or injured? Do they have someone to step in who is up to the job? Find out the team’s skills and experiences they have.

Check References

The key to finding a good lawyer is to find one with a good reputation. You can start by asking friends and family if they have any recommendations. Or look them up on online review sites.

For any that you contact, ask for references, and testimonials from previous clients. You can even contact previous clients on these review sites for more details, but that these with a pinch of salt.

Good lawyers will have good reputations in their profession too. So ask other lawyers who they’d recommend. Even if they aren’t criminal lawyers, it’s likely they’ll know what direction to point you in. It’s a small circle.

No Guarantees but Confident

You want your lawyer to be confident they can build the strongest, best case possible. Confidence is helpful in a lawyer. But you should stay away from lawyers that promise a set result.

Legal cases are uncertain. Even the best lawyers can’t predict how they’ll go. A lawyer who is promising you the earth won’t be able to definitely back that up. Confidence is great, overconfidence could lose your case.

Ask for Their Assessment

No all cases under the same bracket are the same. Get your chosen lawyer to give you their honest opinion on your case.

You’ll need to focus on reality and cold, hard facts. This is how you can come up with the best plan going forward. Ask your lawyer:

  • What aspects of my case work in my favor?
  • What works against me?
  • What can I expect at each stage of the case?

The information you get here may be the most important you’ll get through the whole process. Again, you want real facts, not sugar-coated promises.

First Time Simple Assault Charge Lawyers Made Easy

So there you have it! Now you know the answer to whether you need a lawyer for a first time simple assault charge. Yes, you do.

But you don’t want to hire the first lawyer you come across. You need one who will suit you and the individual needs of your case. And make sure you’re comfortable at all times along the way.

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