Do you recognize how visual search impacts the future of SEO?

Think about this for a moment. A search that gives users what they want and what they don’t even know they want without having to type anything. Wouldn’t they readily jump at it? Now hang on. 

If a young technology like the visual search engages millions of users globally, it sure does hold a future for SEO. Don’t you think? Probably it never crossed your mind. So, bear with me because right now, I’m going to show you how visual search impacts the future of SEO.

First off, I hope you know that images are easy to process than text, even in the physical world. This is precisely what visual search would do for your website. Improve user experience. Don’t forget, that’s what SEO is really all about. 

So this is the big idea. Once you’re giving users a great search experience on your website, be rest assured to get more visits.

It doesn’t stop there. There’s more. Image optimization would help your website easily recognized by search engines. And you know what that means, better ranking, more traffic. 

Even so, visual search enhances the customer’s loyalty to the brand. The study had shown that people would prefer to make more purchases via visual search. Why is this so? Images have the ability to attract buyers. On the run, it would engage them and push them to make a purchase. Right after that, they would want to stay loyal to the brand. Such a tremendous victory on SEO.

Since this is a faster and simple search when compared to text search, it’s likely to compel more people to follow this route. No more stress of having to type and all.  For a better visual search, users can follow the outline on

And the good news is that even the unlettered can access this technology. This means more users on your website—no doubt about it.

We’re not through yet. There’s a need for me to say this. A large number of people do not even know what they need, and that’s quite acceptable. Because human needs are continually changing. This search method would help users get exposed to more products.

How does that impact on SEO? Let’s find out. A lovely dovely husband searching for the perfect bag gift to give his wife for their wedding anniversary. He uploads a particular bag picture on Google lens. And boom!!! Several bags similar to his interest comes up. 

The bottom line is that he gets to see several other beautiful bags he could consider. And as he clicks and spends time studying each item, the brands generate their revenue. See that? It has been estimated that by 2021, those who adopted visual search earlier would have an increase in their revenue by 30%.

This is the point where business involving pictures will be on the lead in digital marketing. If you are one, let’s say a fashionista. It’s time you back on visual search for more success. Trust me; it’ll all be worth it.

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