Dos and Don’ts of Glass Water Pipes

About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water.

Why not use a little bit of that water to enhance your smoking experience? If you’ve ever smoked out of a water pipe before, you’ll understand what we’re excited about. The right glass water pipes can make your cannabis more flavorful and less harsh.

However, it can be challenging to pick the right pipe. Once you have your pipe, if you don’t know how to take care of it, you could break it on the first day.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve put together this short guide to help you avoid making the wrong buy or losing your new piece.

What do you need to know before you get your first water pipe? Read on to find out.

Do Pick the Right Size

The first step in finding the best glass water pipes is to choose the right size. Are you going to be using your pipe for group smoking sessions? Then buying a larger size water pipe or bong would make a lot of sense.

If you’re going to be smoking by yourself, then a handheld bubbler might do the trick. Think about where you’ll be smoking as well.

Before choosing a super mega-size water pipe, make sure you’ll have a secure spot for it to sit. If you don’t have a clear surface for the water pipe to sit on, the chances of it breaking are much higher.

Don’t Forget About Design

Not all water pipes are made the same. Innovative designs allow you to change your smoking experience.

If you want one of the smoothest smoking experiences possible, you’ll want to look for a water pipe with percolators. Percolators help filter the smoke before it reaches your mouth. The more the smoke is filtered and cooled down, the less harsh the hit.

Along with inquiring about the percolators, you should also consider the setup of the pipe itself. Does this water pipe use downstream like a traditional bong? Does it fit comfortably in your hand?

There aren’t any bad designs for water pipes, but there are setups that might not fit your smoking style. Make sure the water pipe you’re choosing isn’t more complicated than you like.

Keep in mind that the more features your water pipe has, the higher the price point. For instance, a water pipe with an extra set of percolators could easily cost $100 more than a standard model.

Do Get Artsy

So far, we’ve been talking about features that determine how the water pipe functions. But what about how it looks?

Water pipes are an excellent opportunity to express yourself. When your friends come over to enjoy a bowl, they’ll get an idea of what type of taste you have.

Instead of going with the first pipe, you find, use an online shop to look at photos. Get a feel for the different types of glass artists and the available styles.

You’ll notice that the water pipe colors have changed over the last few years. Instead of only offering a few colors, now you’ll have access to a tie-dye of variety!

Do Look for a Novelty Glass Bubbler Water Pipe

Want something unique from your glass bubbler water pipe? Then you can look for novelty pipes that commemorate one of your favorite shows or TV characters. Just make sure that the pipe you’re picking will be effective and not just cool-looking.

Some of the cheaper novelty pipes might look great, but they’re probably not going to filter the smoke efficiently. If you’re going to get an artistic water pipe, it’ll need to be of high-quality design and thick glass.

Don’t Use metal on the Bowl

Is this going to be your first glass piece? Then you’ll want to pay extra close attention to how you clear the bowl.

The bowl is the part of the pipe where you’ll put your marijuana flower or CBD bud. A cashed hit will be left in the bowl when you’re all done smoking.

The cashed hit is mainly ash, and it’s not enjoyable for the smoker. Many people will choose to clear out their bowls when it’s almost done.

On metal or wooden pipes, you can use all sorts of things to clear the bowl. However, you have to be incredibly careful about handling a glass pipe.

Metal and glass don’t go together. If you use something like a nail or screwdriver on a glass bowl, you could break your water pipe.

Do Use Ice

Are you getting a large water pipe? Then you’ll have a unique advantage. Depending on the design of the pipe, you might be able to cool the smoke down even more!

A lot of large water pipes will have a wide down stem. The down stem is the vertical part of the pipe that the smoke travels through.

After filling your water pipe up with the perfect water level, add a few ice cubes. As you pull the smoke through the downstream, the ice will cool it off. The nice chill smoke will be easier on your throat and lungs.

Don’t Forget About the Water Level

Keep an eye on the water level in the pipe. As the ice melts, the water level is going to rise. If you don’t pour a little of the water out, you could wind up with a nasty taste.

When the water levels are too high, it’ll be easy to inhale a bit of water and smoke. Find out the perfect water level, and make a mental note of it. Perhaps there’s a marker on the water pipe itself that you can use as a water line indicator.

Choosing the Best Glass Water Pipes

Now you know all about glass water pipes. Get ready to have a great time once you find the right design and size.

Hopefully, you’ll have a couple of friends with you, too, so you can show off your new piece! Just remember to have a safe place to set your water pipe when you’re not smoking out of it. The more secure the sitting spot, the less likely it’ll break.

If you’d like more tips to enhance your lifestyle, we’d love to help. Read another one of our posts to learn something new.

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