Easy Home Maintenance to Keep Squirrels Out of the Attic

Squirrels are troublesome animals that will seriously damage the attic if they get inside. They will ruin the insulation, contaminating it with feces and urine. They’ll also chew on your cables, risking fire and power outages. Squirrels are destructive and the holes they leave in the roof will let moisture into the attic, ruining it with mold and mildew. 

If there are squirrels in your area, it’s a good idea that you keep them out of your attic. Here are some home maintenance tips every homeowner can use to keep squirrels out. 

Cover the vents with mesh 

Believe it or not, squirrels often get into the attic by chewing their way through the roof vents. Roof vent covers are usually made of plastic, which can be chewed open by a squirrel looking for a way in. 

You can prevent this from happening by capping your vents with a squirrel-proof mesh. Squirrels cannot chew through a half-inch, 16-gauge steel mesh.  Purchase some at your local hardware store and shape it to fit over your vents and chimneys. Screw the material into the roof. If you cannot get onto the roof safely, contact a wildlife remover for help. 

Seal the edges of the roof 

The edges of the roof are vulnerable to squirrels because they sometimes split away from the framing of the house, leaving openings for squirrels to widen with their teeth. Check these edges carefully and seal any openings you find with mesh, caulking, or flashing. If you find a hole surrounded by teeth marks, see if you can investigate the attic for signs of a squirrel’s nest. Accidentally trapping a squirrel inside the attic is inhumane.   

Get rid of the bird feeder

Squirrels love bird feeders and like to nest near them. Switch to a squirrel-proof, hanging bird feeder, or get rid of it entirely to keep squirrels out of the yard. Feed the birds sparingly, or only during the summertime. Try attracting birds using other means, like setting up a birdbath or planting native flowers.

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Clean the gutters

Squirrels use the materials caught in the gutters to build nests. They may also nest inside them if they are blocked. Clean out the gutters every spring and every fall to keep this from happening. Scoop everything out and check that the downspouts aren’t blocked by running the hose through them when you are done cleaning.  

Maintain the yard 

Squirrels and other wildlife are attracted to yards full of food and nesting materials. Mow the lawn every week and rake the leaves in the fall. Stay on top of your landscaping duties and don’t let anything grow out of control. Keep the deck clean and don’t leave any food out for very long. 

Trim the trees 

Tree branches provide squirrels and other animals with easy access to the roof. Check if you have any branches that hang over the roof and cut them a few feet back. This will help reduce your chances of an invasion and the risk of a branch falling onto the roof. Fewer leaves will also end up in the gutters. If you cannot do it yourself, contact a local arborist or landscaper. 

Protect your produce 

Squirrels are omnivores that will feed on the fruits and vegetables you grow in the garden. Keep these out of reach by covering them with row covers or mesh. Squirrels will give up on trying to feed on your plants and go elsewhere. You can also protect your bulbs by burying them with chicken wire on top. 

Hire a wildlife removal company 

Wildlife removal companies offer squirrel-proofing solutions in addition to removal. You can also check out Houston wildlife removal. Contact a local professional and ask them to inspect your property for entry points. A technician can find every hole and gap in your roof for you and seal them shut. He or she can also provide you with some helpful tips to keep squirrels and other creatures at bay. 

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