Extended WFH- Get Your Small Business Ready With Online Payday Loans Calgary

The first wave of the pandemic came as a rude shock for the world. Small businesses weren’t prepared for a sudden move to the work-from-home model, but that was perhaps the only way to survive. Thankfully, a majority of them were able to get through despite the challenges they had to deal with during the transition. The situation is quite different today as organizations are more aligned with the new normal. As they realize that the pandemic is here to stay for the foreseeable future, they are willing to accept that online payday loans Calgary extended WFH as a reality.

Looking at the practical aspects, some preparations will be needed to make your small business ready for this model in the long run. While you will need to decide the proportion of the workforce that will work remotely permanently, some technological investment will be needed as well. As money is tight, you will probably have to borrow for the initiative. But banks are not keen to lend these days, particularly if your credit score isn’t good enough.  Fortunately, you can apply for online payday loans in Calgary with no credit check to get your business on track for extended remote operations. Let us start by explaining how these loans work and why they are the need of the hour.

The extensive benefits of online payday loans Calgary

The current situation is perhaps the toughest crisis that businesses have ever faced. There is an overall economic downturn, and things do not seem to look great on the financial front. Still, online borrowing can come to your rescue in financial emergencies. When it comes to borrowing for the short-term, online payday loans make a great option. They offer funds for a few weeks as you need to repay with your next paycheck. If you are looking to infuse a small fund in your business but do not want it to be a long-term obligation, these loans are ideal. Let us explain the extensive benefits of online payday loans as compared to traditional bank loans.

  • There isn’t a struggle when it comes to the application process of online loans. In fact, they are just perfect for the social distancing era because you need not even step out to apply for them. You only need to find a trusted loan website, fill in the requisite information, and click to submit your application. The process is quick and hassle-free as no documentation is required, and you need not visit the lenders personally.
  • Fast cash procurement is another benefit that comes with online payday loans. The application may take only a short time to be approved because it goes to a lender network instead of a single lender. Once your application is approved, you can access the funds quickly, within as short as 24 hours. It is a solace for small businesses that require quick funding at a short notice.
  • The best part is that you need not have a superb credit score, as with the conventional bank loans, to get approval. Online lenders are willing to approve only with soft credit checks rather than hard ones that banks do. As long as they are convinced about your repayment capacity, they wouldn’t have a problem in approving even if you have a low credit score.

In addition to these benefits, online payday loans do not translate into massive debts for your small business. Extended debts and interest payments are the last things you would want to deal with right now when finances are already muddled up. You can simply take the loan, use the money for emergencies, and repay within a few weeks. When you need funds again, you can apply for a second time and subsequently. With this financial rescue strategy, it becomes easy for small businesses to prepare themselves for all kinds of challenges.

Gearing up for extended WFH

Getting your business ready for extended remote operations in the new normal will require some effort and investment. Earlier, you may have started with some quick fixes, but you will require a more long-term approach and permanent arrangements. When it comes to long-term planning for extended WFH, there are three aspects any business needs to cover.


To start with, you will need to assess the current infrastructure and decide what needs to be ramped up. You may require new hardware for the employees and also have to revamp the network for a larger bandwidth. Cybersecurity is another key aspect because there are always risks and threats with the remote setups, and they are more likely to increase in the coming time. A complete infrastructural revamp may be the need of the hour, but the investment is worthwhile because of the long-term benefits it will drive.


With WFH as a long-term arrangement, the productivity of the employees is going to be another big concern for small businesses. Consider investing in new software applications for better productivity, communication, and collaboration between teams. Some organizations are also provisioning funds for employees to set up their home offices so that they can work comfortably from remote settings. It is because they realize the value of employee wellness for boosting productivity.


Another significant aspect of preparing your business for a permanent remote transition is employee training. Preparing your team for the new normal can reduce their challenges and make them capable of handling issues without help. With tech upgrades, systems are likely to get more complicated, and there are chances that workers will have problems with understanding them. A holistic training program will make them feel more confident and boost their morale in this challenging situation.

The road ahead seems long for small businesses, but survival isn’t that tough if you take the right approach. Making a transition to extended WFH is all about making the right kind of hardware, software, and training investments. The best part is that you need not worry much about the financials as you can rely on online payday loans to steer your business in the right direction.

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