FAQs Every Home Seller Should Read Before Hiring top Mooloolaba real estate agents

Selling your property is a decision that has been taken by you with rigorous thinking; financially, and psychologically. This can be an instant decision but your property to be on the real estate market takes a lot of time. The most apparent solution to speed up the process is hiring top Mooloolaba real estate agents such as G1 Property Australia. Taking such a big decision requires you to investigate every option and whether to hire a real estate or not. Here is a list of FAQs that help you score the best real estate services. 

Why should you opt to hire a realtor?

Unlike online deals these days, where many frauds keep happening, real estate agents work with a firm handshake establishing trust between two parties. Hiring a real estate agent makes sure you get the best new owner for your home with the added benefit of the best market price.

Will the market value of your home increase when you consider looping in a real estate broker?                  

This is a myth or a fact depending on the real estate agent you hire. For instance, if real estate broker Tom will approach you, claiming that he will give you the best market value, whereas another realtor Sarah says the same. Now, you ask both the agents whether they have proof of the buyer offering a higher market value. Tom replies to you saying,” No,” whereas Sarah says, “Yes! 25% above market value.” Thus, in this scenario, your real estate agent Sarah has made it possible to score a deal 25% above the market value.

Can a real estate agent help you be careful of unknown buyers?                   

Selling your home on your own is not as easy as it seems. If you put up a sign of property for sale on your lawn, it is evident that genuine and fake strangers will enter your home. This becomes a security liability that puts you at a significant risk of getting robbed. Hiring a realtor helps you shortlist candidates with background checks, thus making the process safe, which puts you out of harm’s way. 

How can real estate brokers help you speed up the process?              

Realtors have connections that make your process easier. They take care of documentation and liaise with the buyers. Furthermore, buyers do not have to speak to you directly, saving your time and energy and keeping you away from annoying calls. A real estate agent also helps you make a good marketing portfolio of your home, highlighting your home’s best details that speed up the marketing process, which usually takes months. 

Will the realtor represent the buyer?

You should also be careful looking out for real estate agents that work from both sides, the buyer and seller. As they get their cuts from both sides, making an immense profit. Therefore, one must be careful, as if your real estate agent represents your buyer as well, then they won’t negotiate on your behalf. Thus, the situation entirely depends on your ability to hire the best real estate agent. 

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