FCC Radio Operator License: What To Expect

If you want to be a radio operator certified by the Federal Communications Commission, then you need to pass certification exams for the type of license you want. A commercial license is more intensive than an FCC amateur radio license.

An FCC radio operator license is required if you want to legally use maritime and airplane radios. If you operate it without a license, then you can open yourself up for fines from the FCC. We’ve created some tips when it comes to the exams.

You’ll pass with flying colors and be on your way to becoming fully licensed.

Many Types of FCC Radio Operator License Exams

The first thing you need to know is what license you’re looking for. There are different exams for amateur radio operators than for an FCC business radio license. Each exam focuses on the specific area of that license. Some of the exams include FCC general radio operator license, maritime, advanced radiotelegraph, and more.

Use FFC Study Guides

There are online study courses you can purchase to study for the various exams. Each one is different and can take up to 40 hours or more to finish. The biggest drawback is they cost money. The other option is the FCC provides a large number of study guides to help people with the exams.

The study guides are comprehensive, but they lack the structure of the online courses. The biggest drawback is there is so much information and only a portion of it will be on the exams.

Two Types of Testing Methods

The FCC allows for both online and in-person exams for a radio operator’s license. The biggest benefit of online exams is you can do them anytime and anywhere. The FCC has 190 test centers around the globe, so if you’re not near it, then you’ll have to travel.

Test centers also have proctor fees that must be paid. The benefit is it’s a more traditional testing center for people who prefer that method. It’s also easier to ask questions if there are difficulties, unlike an online exam.

During an Online Test

An online test is taken at any time, and it records the audio, visual, and desktop of the exam. If there are any materials that could be considered references, then they will be flagged. You must have photo identification and use Google Chrome. It must be bright enough for your eyes and face to be seen at all times.

You may be required to scan the room with your webcam and there can be no one else in the room with you. You also cannot use any electrical devices such as cell phones during the exam.

Pass the Exam

The test is difficult, but if you study hard and prepare for the exam, then everything should be fine. Once the test for the FCC radio operator license is finished, it will be graded, and you’ll be notified of your next steps.

If you want more information about applying for an FCC radio license, then please explore our site.

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