Features of Pool Table Moving: Let’s See How Experts Do It in the Chicago Area


Whether you are relocating to a new home or moving to another floor of your apartment and planning to bring your pool table to the next destination, this detailed guide is for you! While a pool table isn’t just one of your heaviest belongings, it also demands a laborious and extensive dismantling process when moving it.

As a result of their size, pool tables are challenging to move. That means much support, the right tools, enough skills, and sufficient experience are required to move a pool table safely. If you don’t have all these important things, then you need to find expert pool table moving services in Chicago area. Let’s learn how experts do it professionally.

Appropriate Moving Materials and Supplies

They must dismantle the pool table before moving it. After this stage, moving through your house will be much easier. It’s advisable to use the following supplies and equipment to dismantle, transport, and assemble your pool table.

  • Carpenter’s level
  • Rechargeable drill
  • Needle nose pliers or a staple remover
  • Socket spanners
  • Screwdrivers
  • Packing materials (tarps for weatherproofing, packing tape, bubble wrap, blankets, etc.)

Once all these tools are available, it’s the perfect time to move your pool table. Let’s go through some simple expert-proven steps.

Take Measurements of Doors, Stairs, and Hallways

Do not try to eyeball your way, especially when its fit seems tight. Experts start the pool table moving process by taking measurements of doors, hallways, and stairs to understand how hard or easy it’ll be for them to move your pool table’s parts around your home. Also, they ensure your walls and floors are protected before they start.


The steps required to disassemble your pool table include the following:

  • Remove pool table ball pockets using a screwdriver.
  • Loosen the bolts on the side rails using a socket wrench.
  • Gently remove each staple that holds the felt using a staple remover.
  • Remove side slates using the power drill.
  • Remove the legs once the rails, slates, and pockets have come off.

As you remove these parts and bolts, be sure to keep them safely in labeled boxes. Use the packing materials mentioned above to safely transport all parts.

Packing and Loading

After packing everything professionally, expert pool table movers will load them in a truck. When packing, they wrap each part of the pool table in blankets and other materials and consider slates when loading. After loading, the truck is driven with caution.


Once the pool table parts arrive safely at the intended destination, you need to get it together. Professionals will not just unload and leave it for you. They’ll ensure it is reassembled. They do it faster since they just reverse the disassembly process. That’s all you need to move your pool table successfully.

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