Features of Tudor Glamour Double Date Watches

When buying a timepiece for the special someone in your life, you want to ensure you get them a stunning design with a timeless appeal. A Tudor Glamour Double Date Watch is just such an instance. These watches feature some of the most amazing designs available on today’s market, with sleek and elegant features that will impress your significant other and make them feel cherished. The features of these watches are truly special and can fill in the gaps that other watches cannot reach. The following are some;

1. New Design

Tudor is known for designing and producing some of the most iconic watches on the market. No other watchmaker comes close to matching their quality. The watch has a new design, with a case that is not just unique but also boasts a beauty that will make everyone stop in their tracks and admire them.

2. Dual Time

Most people have to travel regularly, whether for work or leisure. This watch has a feature that allows the wearer to keep track of two different times. This can be very useful for anyone who travels frequently and needs to know when their appointments are back home and in their current location.

3. Quartz Movement

Tudor watches always come equipped with a quartz movement since they are known to be more reliable than Swiss movement, or mechanical timepieces. This watch is no different; it features a quartz movement that keeps the watch accurate at all times, even when the battery eventually runs out.

4. Slender Case

With a case that is just 2.5 millimeters thick, the watch features a case that is both delicate and elegant. With a polished finish, it adds to the overall appeal of this watch by highlighting the curves and outlines of this piece of art.

5. Diamonds on Dial and Case

The watch features up to 6 diamonds on its face and another 4 on its case, making it even more radiant than ever before. Did I mention that these diamonds are genuine? They are, which makes this timepiece even more special than some of today’s other brands with cheap fakes. You will not only be able to impress your date with this piece of art but you will also be able to afford the best watch for a fraction of the cost.

6. Hands and Minutes Seconds Markers

With an hour hand that is made from a genuine diamond and an additional hand at the minute position, you can rest assured that this timepiece will always keep accurate time. The hands are also made from diamonds and are inlaid with top-quality sapphire crystal that only shows the time through the glass as if they were not there at all.


Buying a watch for someone can be challenging especially when it is for someone as special as your significant other. The perfect gift that you can give them would be a Tudor Glamour Double Date Watch. This is because the features of this watch will not only make them feel appreciated but they will also appreciate the beauty and elegance that this timepiece possesses. With the best qualities in both design and construction, you would have no choice but to choose this watch rather than another one out there.

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