Fill Me In: 4 Options After a Tooth Extraction

Whether you crack a tooth or are dealing with some sort of oral infection, getting a tooth extracted can sometimes be a necessity. However, what happens after you get a tooth pulled?

You have a few options you can consider that will replace the space in your gums so that it doesn’t get wider. 

Consider the points below in case you have to get a tooth extraction. 

  1. Look Into Dental Implants

Getting dental implants are among the most beneficial options for someone who has gotten a tooth extracted. 

With these implants, you’re having a dentist create a mold of a porcelain or ceramic tooth to replace the one that was pulled. The implant is installed on a metal stick, which is then installed inside your gums. 

After the implant is allowed to set, it will solidify in your gums and become just like any of your other teeth. Because these implants end up looking virtually indistinguishable from your real teeth, dental implants are a prime option for many people in need. 

  1. Shop Around for Dentures

Look into dentures as another great option when you’re getting a tooth extracted. Not only are dentures one of the most common remedies following a tooth extraction, but there are several different kinds of dentures that you can purchase. 

Some examples of the kinds of dentures you can get installed include partial dentures, immediate dentures, and complete upper dentures. Like implants, your oral health professional will create a cast and a mold for your dentures, so that the end result looks just like authentic teeth. 

Some dentures are frequently pulled in and out, while others are worn all day. Be sure to get clarity on the kind of dentures that you’re purchasing so you can find the best and most comfortable fit. 

  1. Consider Getting a Dental Bridge

Aside from dental implants and dentures, a dental bridge is another potential fix because of its flexibility. While a single dental implant is helpful when one tooth is extracted, dental bridges replace multiple teeth. 

You’ll replace these teeth with crowns fastened by metal to replace two or three teeth along your gum line. Like implants, bridges will blend right in with your natural teeth. 

  1. Install a Retainer

Many retainers are fixed with false teeth in order to make up for the spaces left by extracted teeth. These retainers can easily and comfortably fit into your mouth so that you can wear them for as long as you’re awake. 

Your retainer will require some maintenance, such as soaking in solution each night to be clean and sanitized when you use them again. Work with your dental professional to make sure that your retainer is installed in your mouth to fix you comfortably enough to speak and eat without a problem. 

Get Help After a Tooth Extraction

Your tooth extraction will be successful when you pair it with any of the services above. You’ll want to touch base with a dental professional quickly to fill the gaps left after an extraction. 

Consider these tips and check back with us when you want to learn more about oral healthcare. 

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