Find the Finest: How to Choose the Perfect Business Shirt

First impressions are the most crucial meetings in one’s professional life. Be it a quick meet with a coveted client or pitching a revolutionary idea to the board, one’s attire brings a new level of confidence to the label. It is essential to choose the right outfit for the right occasion. As the saying goes, a man is half his clothes. Picking the perfect apparel might be a hassle at times. So, it is necessary to have some tips under one’s sleeve when a great opportunity comes one’s way. Some pointers can help one choose the best men’s business shirts.


The Right Colour

In an office set-up, colours one can find on the lighter side of the colour spectrum work wonders. A good choice of colour can light up more than just the wearer’s day. It has the potential to make the office environment more lively and pleasant. As an unspoken perfect rule, white, angel blue, pale pink, cream, blue paisley, soft navy, peach, and lilac are essential office colours. These colours suit any body type and do a commendable job of highlighting one’s best features. Apart from light colours, earthy colours such as brown, green, and red represent authenticity and professionalism, thus garnering respect.

The Perfect Fit

Finding the right fit is fundamental to shirt-shopping. First, one needs to be well acquainted with the different types of business shirt fits available. A classic relaxed fit is typically wide fitting and has ample space at the chest, waist, and shoulders. The Euro tailored fit is specifically suitable for those seeking a trim look and an accentuation at the chest. While the classic fit and Euro fit are similar, the Euro fit has a slimmer armhole, enabling a sleek appearance. Like the Euro fit, the slim fit also aims to achieve a svelte look. The shirt tapers down from the waist to highlight the abdominal section.

Impeccable Patterns

The shirt’s pattern is as noteworthy as the colour and the fit. In recent times, designs on men’s business shirts have evolved visibly. In the professional world, solid colours have always found a privileged position. The simple and elegant look that one attains in solid colours is uncontestable. But people have also experimented with various patterns such as checked, striped, and printed. These patterns are gaining a good appeal and are changing existing choices. Similarly, textured shirts are also winning validation in office spaces.

Flawless Collars

The shirt’s style is heavily dependent on the collar. Therefore, it is vital to find the correct collar type that would suit one’s body type. Similarly, the choice also depends upon the statement that one is looking to make. The most commonly found variety is the deep spread collar. Its design is suitable for pairing with neckties such as an ascot, making it a favourite for office-goers and professionals. The point collar is the desired choice for those who would like their face to look longer. On the other hand, the spread collar can make one’s face look wider. A semi-spread collar is more conservative and is suitable for men in traditional offices.

It is true that, with a few trials and errors, anybody can choose the right men’s business shirt. It is an achievable goal. But getting the perfect fitting during one’s first go is not as difficult as it seems! With these tips in mind and some insight into what one requires, one can find a neat fit with no hassle. Coupled with confidence and style, anybody can rock the professional look!

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