While a staircase can be a feature of real beauty and architectural value on its own, it can also be a great space for some seriously unusual, creative and yet often necessary storage. Too often it can be considered a bit of a black hole – an awkward space into which nothing really fits. But with a little bit of imagination, it can prove to be the perfect space to enhance your home, and turn it into something truly special.

Here are our top five favourite uses for the space under the stairs.

1. Extra closet space

A clever carpenter will take one look at your staircase space and know exactly what to do to maximise on the space available. It may not be the cheapest option, but good carpentry can create some of the most clever engineering solutions combining drawers and cupboards and pull-out sections for some truly unique storage ideas.

2. Start your own classic wine collection

If you are a wine lover, storing your favourite bottles of investment can sometimes be an issue. Creating a ‘wine cellar’ under the stairs is a great solution is you have limited space, and it needn’t cost the earth – leaving you additional funds to top up your wine investments.

Start simply with a simple wood and metal wine rack that is easy to assemble, and can grow with your collection. You can choose to either leave it open – wine is an excellent focal point – or in time you can close it off, creating a darker environment for better wine storage.

3. Start your own library collection

Any lover of books will know that your collection soon grows, taking over precious wall space in other rooms. If you prefer to keep your main rooms free from clutter, then turning your understairs space into a mini library or cosy reading nook will keep your collection neat and tidy and tucked away, and you don’t have to go through the painful process of having to get rid of some of your favourite books. Many people have emotional connections to their favourite books – having somewhere to put them means you don’t have to go through that pain of separation. All you need to do then is to finish it off with a really comfortable reading chair and light.

4. The perfect home office space

While many of us have now returned to the office, working from home is now an acceptable expectation for many employees. In fact, with serious skills gaps making the jobs market a ‘buyers’ market for job seekers, the hybrid approach to working is an increasingly prevalent perk of the job.

All you need to create the perfect under-stairs workplace is a little bit of imagination and plenty of power points. Clever shelving and a sliding door hide everything from sight when you’re not working, and you have the perfect practical finish to any entrance hall.

5. An extension to your kitchen

Have you ever wanted to have a bigger kitchen, but can’t afford to move home, or do any renovations? Well, you could create an extension to your kitchen by extending your kitchen theme out into your hallway to relieve some of the pressure on your actual kitchen space. Clever cupboards can be built in to use as storage for plates, crockery, glasses, and equipment that is used on rarer occasions (such as blenders, cake mixers and slow cookers). You can incorporate a wine rack, or if you have a bit of budget, build in a special wine cooler fridge to keep those bottles of champagne on permanent ice but ready for special occasions. It’s amazing how quickly our kitchen cupboards fill up, and for any family, the organisation is key. Creating additional space under the stairs for storage will, in turn, release more space for family life in the main kitchen.

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