Fixer-Upper 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating an Old House

In 2020, Americans bought more homes than in any other year since 2006. While some of these homes were new, others were older homes needing renovation.

Of course, purchasing and renovating an old house is a huge commitment, but the finished project is bound to be spectacular. And, if you are an experienced builder or have worked on other projects, you can likely do much of the work yourself, saving you a lot of money. 

So, if you’ve already spent time considering the pros and cons of renovating an old house and decided to give it a go, this post is for you. We’ll share all you need to know about how to start renovating an old house! 

Decide What Needs to Be Replaced

The best way to renovate an old house is by starting with the most important projects, like those that enhance the safety of those who will live in it. 

For example, some older homes may have asbestos hiding in the walls, ceiling, or even the HVAC system. Thus, it is often good to replace the system altogether, which you can read about here

Another factor to consider is whether you will replace the plumbing. Since older pipes rust and clog easily, many people choose to replace them with newer materials. 

Moreover, because we use many more electronic devices and appliances these days, it’s unlikely that your older home has the right equipment to power them all. So be sure to have an electrician inspect your house to determine what changes you need to make. You can look for the best electrician easily online these days as per your location. For example, all you need to do is check out for an electrician perth if you are based in Perth and need some electrical work to be done at your home.

Make Sure Everything Is up to Building Codes

If your home is more than fifty years old, you will likely find codes and standards have changed drastically since then. Further, even the materials and room sizes have changed. 

So, if you plan on flipping the house in the future, you may want to consider bringing everything up to modern code. 

Rethink the Floor Plan

In the past, open floor concepts were uncommon, and spaces were generally kept separate. But, you may want to change your floor plan so that your living space feels larger and unified. However, that would require tearing out walls. 

Before you get out a sledgehammer, call a professional who can determine whether the wall is load-bearing. And, if it is safe to take the wall down, they can do so in the safest way possible. 

Renovating an Old House

So, how much does it cost to renovate an old house? As you can see, the answer depends on how much work you need to do to make it livable. And, if you plan on changing the floorplan or need to replace a lot of the current materials, you can expect the project to cost you a pretty penny.

Are you renovating an old house? If so, check out more of our home improvement posts that can help you create the house of your dreams.  

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