Flying for Beginners: A Guide to the Different Types of Planes

Have you just started getting interested in planes and flying? If you have, you are probably starting to realize how much information there is to know about planes. With so much to know, how do you even get started?

Fear not! Here we will break down a few of the most common types of planes and their uses.

Types of Planes

There are three basic types of airplanes that you should know about: commercial airplanes, private jets, and propeller planes.

Although these types of aircraft may vary in accessibility to beginning flyers, it is useful to be aware of all different airplane models. With this knowledge, you can also make a better decision when it comes to buying an aircraft yourself.

Types of Commercial Airplanes

Commercial airplanes are what a majority of people are probably most familiar with. Commercial airplanes, or airliners, are generally purchased and operated by larger transport companies for millions of dollars. These planes are used to transport passengers or air cargo.

Commercial airplanes are often on the larger side, such as the Boeing 747 and the Airbus Beluga XL. However, these airliners can also be scaled down to hold fewer passengers or less cargo, such as mid-size and light passenger jets and passenger turboprops.

Types of Private Jets

Private jets also can vary greatly in size. These vary from VLJ (or Very Light Jets) all the way to heavy business jets capable of hosting full business offices. These different sizes of private jets can feature many luxurious amenities such as satellite phones, Wi-Fi, and XM radio.

While smaller planes travel shorter distances and are cheaper to operate, larger planes can carry more passengers greater distances.

Private jets can also be employed for military purposes, but these jets are generally not legal for civilians to purchase. Most military jets are supersonic fighter jets that can cost billions of dollars to develop.

Types of Propeller Planes

The most common privately-owned planes are usually propeller planes. Because a vast majority of domestic U.S. flights are less than 2 hours long, it can be much more convenient to use a propeller plane than an expensive private jet.

Propeller planes also come in plenty of different forms, from single-engine planes for shorter hauls to twin turboprops for longer hauls.

Propeller planes also are sometimes utilized for military purposes or even acrobatic stunts. Some propeller planes are even amphibious or specifically designed to land on water.

Taking Flight

Obviously, it may not be realistic to expect to be flying a Boeing 747 without years of experience as a pilot. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the types of planes that are out there now.

There’s nothing more thrilling than flying thousands of feet above the earth. Don’t be afraid to keep exploring different types of aircraft and learning more!

Continue exploring the blog for more information about recreational flying!

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