Get Investors and Funding Even During COVID-19

If you happen to run a business, it’s important that you put your ducks in a row to get investors. Every business needs capital, and investors can make a difference for you.

However, COVID-19 has been the story of the year, and it doesn’t appear that we’ll be out of the woods with the virus anytime soon. For the foreseeable future, you need to wrap your mind around getting investments while working around the pandemic.

Consider these tips when you’re looking to get investors that can carry your business to the next level.

Have a Strong Digital Pitch

A strong pitch is a strong pitch, whether you’re selling yourself in person or online. Start with quality and make sure you’re expressing yourself in a way that translates to a digital format.

Think about your story and why your company exists. By starting with this “why,” you’ll hook your investors in from more than a pure dollars and cents perspective. People will feel more compelled to invest when they believe in the company and where it’s headed.

From there, make sure that your pitch is also broken down scientifically, with stats, projections, and other metrics that will support it.

Let them know your vision for your company and how you will use the investment. You should also disclose whether you’re a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Read this blog post to learn more about SPAC investing.

Find Out What Grants You’re Eligible For

Applying for grants is another way to get seed money for your business. Do some research into the many different grants available so that you can apply.

Look into your eligibility for Small Business Administration (SBA) grants and see if your company fits. From there, you can put the application together and fund your business to get it off the ground.

Disclose Your Goals and the Current Status of Your Funds

Investors also feel more eager to help when they know that their money will make a difference. This is why sites like GoFundMe have become so popular.

By selling your story and then letting people know exactly how much you need for the campaign, they will enjoy helping you meet that goal. Publicly publish a widget that shows how far you are away from your goal and your deadline for hitting it.

Reach Out to Your Network for Support

Finally, make sure that you’re also reaching how to the people who already love and support you. It’d surprise you to see how many people and companies are willing to dig into their wallets for you if you just ask. you can also get working capital funding from different financial institutions or banks.

Since your relationship is already established, you also won’t have to try as hard to sell yourself.

Learn How to Get Investors That Count

These tips will help you get investors that make a difference for your business. You can still garner investments for your business, even in the midst of the pandemic.

Reach out to us when you’d like to learn more about funding your dreams and growing your company.

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