Give Your House a Well-Deserved Makeover This Quarantine

While many people regard the COVID-19 as torture because they are confined to their own house, it is not as bad if you think of it. With businesses operating from homes and people working from homes, everything seems to be running fine from homes (obviously, if you are safe from the virus). You like all people must also be confined to the premises of your own home. However, instead of wasting time surrounding yourself with negativity, you can make positive changes in your house.

A home makeover is one of the most trending things nowadays with people making positive changes to their house. If you want to make changes to the way your home looks – whether you are selling it or not, there are certain changes that you can make in your house.

Still, confused on where to start?

Well, take some time out of your routine (possibly after work) and get cracking!

Start by Decluttering Your Home

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to declutter the house. Obviously, there might be some things that you are not using any more like old course books, old clothes, papers, and documents that you might not need.

There are different charts and challenges available online in which you can easily perform. Like the 21 day challenge to clean your house or the famous decluttering method introduced by Marie Kondo that will help you organize the leftovers of your decluttering campaign in a much more effective and quicker way.

Scrub, Scrub and Scrub Away

The second wave of COVID is regarded as one of the worst and most contagious than the previous wave. This is why TV channels, the internet, and healthcare providers are putting a lot of focus on how you need to clean the house, disinfect it, and also make sure that the surfaces are germ-free.

Everything that you touch daily needs to be cleaned. Obviously, if you haven’t cleaned and scrubbed the house and your surroundings, this can be one heck of a task. You can eliminate the stress by scrubbing and organizing things in one room at a time.

Disinfectants can cause skin sensitivity to some people but fortunately, natural products like vinegar, baking soda, and strong tea tree oil could be quite effective. You can easily get grease and dirt off your doorknobs, bathroom attachments, phones, laptops, television screens, side tables, etc. by scrubbing the surface with these products.

Make an Exercise Spot

Not everyone has a home gym and not everyone can make a gym at their home. Although home gyms are usually stereotyped when people move to vacation cities and settle in their fancy villas. However, you don’t really have to buy high-end equipment for your gym. Instead, make a small corner with your weights, mats, and other equipment that you use to workout. You can also invest in some gym equipment. Consider buying used equipment if newer items are out of your budget. You can easily find many machines of excellent quality if you do some research.

Redecorate Your Room

Once you are done with reorganizing, you can actually start redecorating. Start off by redecorating the room where you spend the most time with your family. It is normal for children to spend more time in their room but giving them a comfortable space to relax, entertain themselves as well as enjoy with you.

Add more media-friendly and interactive items, think of getting desks for children so they can play and do their homework in front of you. You definitely do not need a separate playroom. Instead of wasting space on playrooms, you can actually make it a home-based office where you and your significant other can just sit and do their shifts.

Maintain Your House Annually

Maintenance and home optimization are necessary for the optimal functioning of any house. The time you are spending in quarantine can be used to inspect the appliances, ventilation, plumbing, electrical appliances, blinds, chairs, furniture, and exteriors. This will help deter potential outages, save resources, and leave your house looking the best among the lot. Some of the effective things you can do are to seal the holes and fill cracks in the walls, search for frosted electrical cables, thaw the fridge, check the rooftop sewer pipes during floods, vacuum ventilation, clean the outdoor furniture and just make sure that everything is in optimal condition. People who regularly maintain their house are known to have fewer problems handling annual maintenance.

Paint the House

Oh, it might be a hefty task but painting the house can actually change the entire look of your house. Just adding different colors and setting a theme for your room, can give your house the aesthetic vibe which it needs. Consider adding pastel colors that complement the bright furniture. Avoid going for really dark colors like dark blue and black because they will make your room look darker. Light aesthetic rooms will give you genuine peace of mind and you will actually enjoy sitting and spending time in the newly painted rooms. Don’t forget to add accessories that actually compliment the walls.

Get an Overall Upgrade

Most of the things that you find in the house can actually be upgraded into something better – something that you would want to convert it into. These products may be ‘upgraded’ and converted. For example, your old mattresses lying just there in the store can be converted into a fancy doggie bed without someone even noticing what it was before. Old furniture can be replaced with a new one or at least painted/renovated to look new (there are a lot of videos out there for that). Don’t wait for the time when you will have to move to vacation cities post-retirement to get rid of these things. What you don’t like any more has to go and be replaced with something better – and we are talking about things, not people!


Quarantine is kind of hard on everyone. If you are also bored with nothing better to do apart from some office work, spend your time upgrading, decluttering, and making the house beautiful overall.

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