Global React JS Developer Salaries and Hourly Rate Comparison

Most businesses struggle today due to the absence of capable software developers. The extreme scarcity of domestic markets has also led to an increasing number of corporations searching abroad for skilled workers to fill their ranks. That’s the best and quickest way to find qualified candidates.

But where else can you look for experts to develop a React app for a large company? How can you locate your unique, high-class, talented developer amid the vast majority of talent? You should search for countries where the cost of hiring a React.js developer is minimal for the quality you can expect to receive.

To provide you with a broad overview of the React JS developer salary range and a comparison of React.js developer hourly rates, we looked into well-known data aggregation websites like Glassdoor and Talent. Have a look at this discovery we’ve made on React developer salary!

Principal Elements Influencing the Rate of a React Developer Salary

React developers are in high demand in the IT sector. Because of the speed, scalability, and versatility of this breakthrough library, organizations have been heavily adopting it for use in creating web and mobile apps. Salary for React.js developers is affected by more than just their level of fame. Of course, additional variables are at play, including the following:

1. Location

Worldwide, there is an equal need for React.js development. However, minimum pay, market and contractor rates, and the nation’s economy affect average salaries differently.

2. Project Scope

The salary of a React.js developer is directly impacted by the sophistication of the software project. Apps with more complex functionality and data (intended scope) have a greater development cost.

3. Knowledge Base

Due to the knowledge and experience React developers bring to the table, seniority can have a big impact on their hourly pay. Senior React.js developers typically make significantly more money than junior or mid-level React engineers.

4. Project Niche

Every design has a set of specifications. The cost of development may vary based on several variables. Costs increase for projects that demand more time, complexity, and labor.

5. Talent

According to industry norms, the skill level of a React.js developer affects the pay rate. The fundamental abilities needed for React developers include acquaintance with Redux, design concepts, UX, and architecture design.

6. Business Size

The company’s size is the next factor that must be included in the calculation. React JS salary levels in big corporations like Google and Tesla are probably higher than in newer or smaller ones. However, it’s not unusual for certain startups to pay their developers more handsomely than firms with a lot more staff.

Global Average Pay for React Developers

Using a widely used framework like React, you can recruit a top-notch programmer from just about anywhere. Because of its popularity, programmers can access a wealth of information, including tutorials, expert tips from the region, and many other tools that help them work more efficiently.

A React programmer’s salary varies widely based on factors such as position, employer, task, and region. Let’s take a look at how much React developers make yearly in the United States and elsewhere. Salary ranges for the position of React Native developer are displayed.


Salary Per Annum

Salary Per Hour

United States USD 125,500 – above USD 61.51
China USD 67,000 USD 33.91
Spain USD 51,231 USD 25.93
United Kingdom USD 80,000 to 122,000 USD 40.49 to 61.74
Germany USD 60,000 to USD 90,000 USD 30.36 to 45.55
Canada USD 120,000 USD 60.73
Belgium USD 66,000 USD 33.40
France USD 74,250 USD 37.58
India USD 20,554 USD 10.40
Switzerland USD 118,261 USD 59.85
Poland USD 57,000 USD 28.85
Ukraine USD 47, 000 USD 23.79
Sweden USD 71,514 USD 36.19
Norway USD 77,250 USD 39.09
Singapore USD 85,500 USD 43.27


Competence in React.js design is in high demand since creating and using applications built with it is a pleasurable experience. Additionally, a React engineer’s salary from certain high-cost regions might consume a sizable portion of your IT expenditure due to the high demand for their services. You won’t necessarily have to shell out a bunch, though.

In this article, you’ve learned about salient factors influencing React developer salary. Instead of paying an American developer the average salary of $120,500 or above, you may hire a developer from a lower-cost region. These savings could be significantly the original estimate.

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