Have Short Nails? Try These Extremely Cute Designs for This Halloween

Halloween is getting close, and everyone is starting to get into the spirit with his or her costumes and decorations. What better way to show your creativity than with cute nail art? Whether you decide on a hand-painted cat, a cute ghost, or even a desired pumpkin, this article will help you find the best nail art for short nails. Halloween can be an enjoyable holiday for everyone. If you are one of those people who love Halloween this article is for you.

  • Cute Cartoon Cat:

You must paint your nails with a base coat and cover the nails in white dots. Then repaint them, but this time with black dots. After that, draw two eyes on the pin on top of their respective colors (black or white). Also, draw two mouths one inside another for extra detail.

  • Minimal Ghosts:

If you are looking for some simple yet exciting nail design, look no further. A couple of ghosts can be white polka dots over a transparent color paint (use a base coat, so the spirit shows up). Or try orange and black hearts or oranges and black zigzags. It’s that easy, and you can get away with squiggly lines in various colors. All you have to do is draw three small parallel lines and ensure that there are three colors: orange, white, and black.

  • Clown Queen:

Why not try a simple clown design to avoid wearing a very unusual costume? For example, draw some facial features or body shapes on your nails and paint them with less saturated color. Also, draw star-shaped polka dots over the design with a lighter color. You can also get away with some primary lines for the nose and mouth to make it stand out more. Paint some white triangles and yellow stars on your fingertips at the tip of your fingers. 

  • Cute Pumpkin:

A simple cute pumpkin is relatively easy to do without any complicated stencils or patterns. Just draw three different sizes of eyes and mouths on your nail using three colors: red, orange, and black, respectively. The smaller the size, the simpler the design will be, so it’s up to you to decide. To finish, paint your nails orange or do an ombre effect with this color by making the tip of your nails darker than it is in the middle. If you don’t like these colors, feel free to choose whatever you would like. 

  • Ghost Boy:

If you want something more striking and unusual than a small ghost, try this design and show off your scary side! This nail is created using an orange wood-grain pattern over a white base coat. The body is filled in with minimal black bones. The eyes are painted black with some red dots near them for defining purposes. The mouth is filled in with black color. If you don’t want to draw the entire body, feel free to use a stencil and fill it in with two colors (white and black).


With the tips in this article, you should have no problems creating cute Halloween nail art. It is an open-free design, and there are virtually no limitations on what to do with nail art. Use different materials and shades of paint to make your nails look even better. For expert nail art designs, check out Maniology – cute nails for Halloween

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