Healthy Mocktails You Should Try For Your Next Party

Mocktails are a fantastic way to enjoy a festive beverage without any of the unhealthy side effects of consuming alcohol. You can get various nutritional effects from non-alcoholic variants of your party drinks..

You can have low-sugar mocktails safe for the pregnant and mocktails that you can enjoy all year, no matter what season it is. Bottom-up! Here is your menu for different mocktails for your next party!

Healthy Variants of Mocktails

Mocktails are so refreshing. They give the perfect mix of sweet, tangy, and cool!

You will not say no to these drinks. The best part is that you do not have to feel guilty about sipping alcohol or too much acid and sugar.

Learn what mocktails are perfect when you are losing weight or counting sugars and calories.

Low-Sugar Mocktails

Low-sugar mocktails do not have to lose their sweetness, and you only need to pick natural sweeteners as ingredients to make them. You can mix coconut sugar instead of using regular white table sugar.

Mixing kombucha, a pre-biotic drink readily made sweet, is a great addition. You can also make gin-inspired non-alcoholic drinks like a mojito by mixing a little clean white liquor into your coconut juice.

With low-sugar mocktails, you want less table sugar and more healthy flavors added. You can add green leafy flavors like kale which has a nutrient that helps balance the sugar levels in the body.

Fruity Summer Mocktails

Another way to cut on calories is to drink more citrus. Citrus fruits such as pomegranates can be sweet but are not that high in sugar. Plus, they taste so refreshing that they are made perfect for the summer.

To create your perfect summer drink, you can use sparkling water in place of your beer or gin. You can then mix those healthier ingredients into your classic bramble recipe.

It is often made with Gin and crème de mûre, a blackberry liqueur. Gin and fresh blackberry juice make a perfect summer drink. This is great for summer nights and parties by the beach.

Another concoction that will remind you of summer is the virgin pina colada. Take a sip of spiced virgin pia colada to taste the tropics. Put pineapple, sugar, and spices together to make faux rum syrup, and combine that with creamy coconut milk, pineapple, and lime juice.

Healthy Mocktails for the Stressed

You can meet one or two people who prefer a glass of wine before they end their day. Many experts have told of the stress-relieving effect of wine. True enough. Wine is known to have soothing content, which helps one feel at ease or sleepy. So a stressed person drinking it feels more relaxed with a glass.

This is also why many love wine during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

There are healthy wine variants a stressed person can drink without the hazy after-effects, and one is mulled wine.

A mug of steaming mulled wine is a staple for Christmas. To create a mulled wine mocktail, swap the wine component out with delicious pomegranate and apple juice.

You can mix spices in it that remind you of the holidays. Of course, the one that would tickle your nose buds would be cinnamon. Aside from that, you can also use strongly scented spices like star anise.

Traditional Espresso Martinis contain gin or vodka and coffee liqueur as their two alcoholic components. This mocktail is another stress reliever, and that is because of its coffee component.

You won’t miss the relaxing caffeine with these because you can still get that rich, deep coffee flavor and that silky, smooth foam on top.

Mocktails for the pregnant

If you are pregnant, you might be already itching for a sip of wine or martini. But with healthy mocktails, you won’t miss a thing. Here you can create fruity punch out of fruits in season.

Start with a mock martini. There are now numerous excellent gins and vermouths available without alcohol, which are suitable replacements for the regular martini. Here are some recipes to try with a non-alcoholic martini.

Tom Collins

Gin, soda water, and lemon juice are the simple but tasty and revitalizing ingredients of the traditional Tom Collins. All you need to make this drink non-alcoholic is to replace the gin with alcohol-free gin; the rich juniper and citrus flavoring that makes this drink so unique will still be present.

Gimlet Mocktail

The classic Gimlet is one of the oldest. By substituting gin without alcohol for the typical London Dry, you can still enjoy a delicious citrus drink.

Pink Lady Gin Mocktail

This beautiful pink gin mocktail is a modern take on the classic Sour that perfectly balances fruitiness and sour sharpness. The cocktail star is Lyre’s Pink London Spirit.

That is an alcohol-free substitute for pink gin. With this mocktail, you need to use juniper, rose, cherry, and rich red berry scents and flavors. Plus, they are safer to drink for those who are pregnant.

Add other fruits with less acid, like apples, lemons, and pomegranates. That result in a refined and opulent mocktail. Serve in a lovely cocktail glass, top with a cherry on a stick or an orange wheel, and enjoy!

Mocktails for weighloss

Next are mocktails for weigthloss. You might get a big belly, not because you are pregnant but because you got too many calories gained during the holidays.

Good news for you here are some fat-burning concoctions you can enjoy.

Ginger and pineapple punch

Try pineapple and ginger punch. The two organic ingredients mentioned are known for burning fats; one has fiber, and the latter is known for being a diuretic.

Fibers and diuretics aid in reducing stubborn belly fat. The zingy lime and crisp mint are included in the mix for something different.

Not only do these drinks burn fat, but they also energize any drowsy partygoers to help them be more active instead of groggy when at a party. Thus reducing fat.

Butterfly Pea Flower Gin Mocktail

This gorgeous mocktail will be your event’s center of attention and a conversation topic. The stunning butterfly pea blooms are also brimming with anti-aging antioxidants. Butterfly pea is another well-known tea ingredient that helps the gut system function well. When your gut is healthy, you can remove fats and toxins from the body much faster.

Mocktails for Simply Enjoying Holidays

Now we got a few of the most loved mocktails. They are well-loved simply because one who drinks it merely reminds them of the sense of relaxation and freedom from life’s business. So if you are in a holiday mood, enjoy the following healthy mixes to accompany you on your holiday trips or staycations at home.

Foghorn Mocktail

A wonderful classic is The Foghorn, traditionally served in an old-fashioned glass. If you are at home, staycation treats you to a glass of foghorn. Put it in a highball glass, add ginger beer and garnish it with lime.

Alcohol-free Long Island Iced Tea

This 1930s-era cocktail was redone in the 1970s and has since become a well-liked mixed beverage worldwide. It is the color of tea without the tea, and it is a fusion of flavors, including cola, rum, gin, and vodka with a twist of lemon!

Aviation mocktail

The lovely blend of juniper, flowery, and cherry flavors is present in this traditional mocktail. It will simply take you on a trip to memory lane while sipping on it. It is indeed an aviation drink, perfect when you are on a plane or private jet.

Bottoms Up!

Now, there are your healthy drinks. Healthy does not mean they have no fun and flavor, and all you need is a non-alcoholic drink with the same taste that would remind you of the original versions of the cocktail.

It is also healthier to know what is in your drink. So, go back to the list above and start mixing!

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