Healthy or Overhyped? 6 Things Everyone Should Know About Superfoods

Flick through the pages of your favorite magazine, and you’ll likely find endless articles about the ‘latest and greatest’ fad diets. Supposed experts tell us that we’re guaranteed to feel healthier if we eliminate carbs, count calories, and cut out gluten.

However, putting ourselves on a new wellness journey can sometimes be as easy as eating well and ensuring our bodies get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you’re not yet convinced that superfoods are worth your time, here are a few surprising facts you might not have known.

They Are More Abundant Than You Think

You might think that superfoods are a food group you must source from an exclusive food market. However, they are everyday foods available in nearly any grocery store. Blueberries, a2 milk, chia seeds, beans, and leafy greens are all common household grocery items packed full of nutrients to make them deserving of that ‘superfood’ title. Once you familiarize yourself with what superfoods are, you might be shocked by how many of them already make their way into your grocery cart each week.

They Are Packed Full of Nutrients

As a general rule, the more colorful the food, the more nutritious it is. If you’re eating a range of low-calorie superfoods like berries, carrots, red peppers, and kale, you’re already enjoying an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Our bodies need these nutrients to heal wounds, strengthen bones, fight infections and inflammation, and regulate hormones.

Superfoods Are Affordable

Despite the general consensus that fast food is more affordable than healthy food, you might be surprised by the affordability of superfoods. For example, a 16-ounce bag of brown rice costs just $2.75, while quinoa can feed your family for under $7.

They Are Easy to Mix into Your Meals

Busy families can often find it easier to stop by their local takeout restaurant for pizza or deep-fried food than to toil away in the kitchen preparing a delicious and nutritious meal. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat for your family. However, takeout food stops looking like the easier option when you discover how versatile and easy superfoods can be to create meals with.

Simple and nutritious meals can be ready in under 30 minutes, using filling and delicious ingredients like beans and brown rice. You can also get creative with quinoa, which takes under half an hour to cook, and proteins like tofu, lentils, and omega-3-rich fish.

They Won’t Make You Healthy

Superfoods are undeniably nutrient-rich and can help you take care of your body, but they aren’t a magic wand for making you healthier overall. You must make and maintain other lifestyle changes, such as eating less processed foods, eating more fruit and vegetables, and exercising consistently.

Superfoods Are Delicious

It’s easy to assume that eating healthier means you’re destined for a life of salad. However, the opposite can be true. There are so many nutrient-rich and delicious superfoods at markets and grocery stores that you’re bound to find something you love.

Fruits and vegetables make delicious snacks, while whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal, can be filling main meals. You can also get creative with different dishes, adding flavors you love through herbs, spices, and dressings.

Forget fad diets. Superfoods are everyday foods that won’t break the bank or leave you feeling hungry. Now might be the right time to start incorporating superfoods into your diet and getting creative with dinnertime recipes.

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